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I recently read this book about a woman who stands up to bullying council employees who try to stop her from earning a living. Read on to find out what I thought of it.


My belief that every single one of us has a book inside us, because we all lead very different lives, was confirmed when I met Sally Pattinson about three years ago. I was at a Craft fair, and she came up and we chatted. She was a very friendly lady, and she explained that she had once owned a cafe, and in her attempts to advertise it, she had been bullied and harassed by the local council. She wanted to write a book about the whole experience.

I , too, have had experience of a local council, in my case, it is in Kent, whereas in hers, it was East Sussex. I felt the way our case was handled was dishonest, and I believed them to be corrupt, and when you are up against such people, it's hard to beat them. Our issue was about Planning Permission, which was granted for a neighbour to extend their house so much, it almost touched ours, which was obviously going to devalue both the properties. My partner is a builder and architect, and he said there was no way this neighbour would get the permission, but he did, and although we could never prove it, we felt people in the council had been intimidated to support our neighbour.

I am afraid I did not have Sally's courage to stand up to them, although I tried speaking up at the Planning meeting, and was promptly squashed down, and I witnessed the council planner referring to a lady councillor as " A silly old woman." when she tried to vote with us. She then abstained. But in the end our neighbours moved away because they could not afford the vast extension they had applied for, and the new neighbours we have now are a delight, so I feel we did actually win, by the hand of fate.

About Sally.

Sally and I became friends on Facebook, and over a period of time I kept up with her progress. After seeking some help, she managed to get her book published digitally. I was interested in reading it, but don't have a kindle, and if I am honest, I prefer to hold a book in my hand and see the cover, it just seems more real

A short time ago I saw Sally had posted on facebook to say her book was now available in paperback, which I was very pleased about, so I ordered a copy from Amazon. When it came, it was over 500 pages long, not a length I usually read, so I hoped it would hold my interest right until the end.

What did I think of it.?

As soon as I opened it, I was hooked. Sally has fast flowing narrative all through the book. Her strong character emerges right at the beginning of the book when she describes what hardship she has suffered in her life. Having her own business and putting effort into it, to make it a success would be anyone's dream, and her work ethic was to be applauded.

As the story progressed, I found myself feeling very angry with her local council for the way they bullied and threatened her, and the huge injustice of knowing that other people in Camber were advertising their businesses without any objections from the council. I am a firm believer in justice, and to see the way she was victimised incensed me.

But all through the book, even at her darkest times, Sally has a great sense of humour, and the names she used for the various council employees were hilarious. I was in fits of laughter imagining the effigies dressed up in the car, and I am sure all her escapades must have been a source of amusement to her local residents at the time.

The emails she sent were to the point and accurate, and the replies she got were mostly evading the issue and ambiguous. Corruption lies within these pages, as these council employees even managed to fool her acting solicitor to investigate her , to take the heat off themselves. And when these nasty people's corruption was finally uncovered, they took early retirement, proving themselves to be not only liars, but also cowards as so many bullies are.

Summing up.

The thing that leaps out of these pages is, the council's inability to communicate properly with Sally. Could they not see the funny side to it all. Could they not have sat down sensibly with her and worked out a solution that was fair to everyone? If they had done this, thousands of pounds of tax payers money could have been saved, and rightly as Sally has pointed out, the money could have been used to repair the roads, which were full of potholes, and probably still are!

Having just finished this book, I take my hat off to Sally. Her bravery in standing up to these corrupt people, even when threatened with imprisonment, makes me hold her in high regard. In these modern times where women have fought for equality and won, Sally Pattinson is an example of a person of indomitable will and strength. I wish her all the best for the future, and I recommend highly her excellent book, which is available from Amazon.
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Sally's fun video of some of her enemies

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
28th Mar 2016 (#)

Well said dear Carol ..
Sadly there is so much injustice in the world today , but it is always good to hear of situations that turn out well in the end .
I love the words about ...A Strong Woman ...I am in total agreement with them.
That sounds like a good title for a book ......
I do hope you and your family are well .
God bless you
Stella ><

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author avatar Carol
28th Mar 2016 (#)

Thanks for reading Stella. I think this lady is an inspiration to many women, and her book is so well written. Happy Easter to you, my family are fine thank you, xx

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author avatar Mariah
28th Mar 2016 (#)

The council took on the wrong woman to victimise in Sally, the truth is a very powerful weapon and although that can be manipulated by the element of corruption that exists within councils who believe they are a law unto themselves..Sally in firmly standing her ground and taking them on has triumphed over these corrupted bullies.
She is indeed an inspirational person, very well done Sally, and thank you for sharing her marvellous story with us Carol xx

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author avatar Carol
28th Mar 2016 (#)

Thanks for reading Mariah, I had to share this story, it's such a triumph for women I think.

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author avatar Delicia Powers
28th Mar 2016 (#)

What a very inspiring review outstanding recommendation, that sounds well worth reading! I will check it out...many thanks.

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author avatar Carol
30th Mar 2016 (#)

It's a great book Delicia, very inspiring to all women.

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
3rd Apr 2016 (#)

Lived it Carol, as a council employee and know the truth of hiring prostitutes are team leaders who spread their legs to their bosses and then create an impression that they are being left out from essential decisions and to the extent I left my council identification card on the slut's table and walked out saying I rather live on government dole than go into insanity with her.
Her name is Brenda Ongley, Irish by Origin and of Auckland Transport. Its given to the press too so no hassle telling her name openly.

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author avatar Carol
5th Apr 2016 (#)

Thanks for reading Lady Aiyanna, Sally my heroine in the book is an honest woman with morals, but the people she came up against had none.!

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
5th May 2016 (#)

Carol will you review my book when its published, its about Soccer in America, cheers and nice review very professional!

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author avatar Carol
5th May 2016 (#)

Yes Fern with pleasure. Thanks for reading. I don't know much about Soccer, but I can talk about the book.

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