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As far as income opportunities go - and I've tried many - PersonaPaper may very well be one of those which are here to stay. They offer more than just earnings and the admin seems to be doing things right, from the start, much like Wikinut's successful approach to being an article-writing site. I like them. Here's why:

What is PersonaPaper, anyway?

PersonaPaper is a paid social network, similar in concept to many others which have come and gone but, different in their approach and execution. In addition to just being rewarded “coins” for blogging, the admin tells us the site will soon be branching out to informative articles, reviews and also creative posts, such as poetry and/or short stories.

What they don't do is make incredible, unsustainable, multi-level-marketing, pie-in-the-sky promises. Everyone working with admin comes across as very genuine and honest. They don't even hide their flaws.

How would someone earn money on PersonaPaper?

PersonaPaper members earn by sharing their thoughts, ideas, memories, etc., – basically anything someone else might like to read for any reason. Members are awarded "gold coins" for the views they garner but also from the comments they give other members – as long as said comments meet the minimum requirement of thirty characters in length. Shorter comments are allowed but won't earn coins.

The advantages this offers are 1) less “incendiary” posts, intended to draw fire in order to earn and 2) a community of readers motivated to participate in hearty discussions. They have rules, to be sure but, as log as you're not trying to do harm, the freedom of expression there is a beautiful thing to behold.

How is the pay on PersonaPaper?

Right now, the aforementioned coins earned for activity equal one-tenth of one cent USD. But, in all likelihood, this should be increasing as revenue comes in. At the current rates, posts and activity on-site roughly equals between $1 and $3 cpm. They pay via Paypal, mainly, although admin is exploring other options. According to posts I've read from others there, admin is very fast and reliable about paying out for confirmed redemptions. I've yet to find anyone, anywhere accusing PersonaPaper of being a “scam.”

At this time, the activity seems to be more internally-generated than discovered in search engines.

What's the community there like?

The community there is very friendly but not in a creepy sort of way. Even those who oppose me on particular ideological/political standpoints do their very best to not be overly-vicious (in public, anyway). The membership shares on just about everything a person might find interesting.

Even with as new as the site is (currently just under 500 members) there's something there for just about everyone who might come along.

How do I join?

By signing up, for free, of course. I will not attempt to abuse Wikinut's hospitality by inserting a referral link here – as it's rude and disrespectful to this site. But I do find it to be valuable to invite others to join and then to see activity on my own work and interact with others as well.

If the invitation link is open (They sometimes halt new memberships to keep it under control) then go visit the sign-up page and give it a whirl. And, in case you're curious, I'm LoudMan and I look forward to meeting you there.

All-in-all, PersonaPaper gets five-stars out of five, were I using a star-system (which I'm not but to make the point). The atmosphere there, the professionalism and transparency of the admin and the potential value of one day being considered an “old hand” there tells me it's a great place to spend those hours otherwise wasted on Facebook.


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author avatar JayeByrd
29th Jul 2014 (#)

This is an interesting review of the site.

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author avatar Donald Pennington
30th Nov 2014 (#)

Glad you enjoy, @JayeByrd.

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