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What to me constitutes the perfect cappuccino especially as so many restaurants and take-out concerns are into the cappuccino trade

No coffee please

I am no expert on coffee. My gastro-enterologist told me some years ago to drop the coffee after a colonoscopy. Before that news came, I was no expert on the subject of coffee either. But I used to consume enough of the instant variety to make sure I get my daily dose of “caffeine kick”. I’m not sure how wise it is to disregard doctor’s orders, but after initially obeying his instructions, I hit the coffee habit again after a seven-year break from it. I stumbled on the habit again, only after joining a new media company, who had this fancy coffee machine in its restroom.

Back for my "caffeine kick"

So the sound of the machine squirting out its delicious frothy mix, while I tucked itno my sandwiches in the restroom made a suitable impression on me – and got me onto the coffee habit again. And of course, a further appealing thought was the fact the coffee – was free! So one night while on duty, temptation got the better of me and I grabbed a cup and placed it under the spout of the machine, pressed the cappuccino button and was hooked, once again. Though I must say proudly it was more often than not – only one cuppa a night.

Special exceptions were the really hectic publishing deadlines, when I was forced to exceed the one dup a day routine to keep the stress at bay! And there were enough of them, I might add.

So I blame my employer for getting me back onto the coffee habit. Oh by the way, I have been for another colonoscopy since – and the surgeon made absolutely no mention about the coffee – though he did say in the confines of his consulting rooms after the procedure: “ say stay away from the five cups a day .. maybe only one or two.” If he only knew.

Who's pressing the knobs?

Then it is also important who is pressing the knobs behind the fancy coffee machine in the restaurant. I know these men and women are referred to as baristas, but there are quite a few of them, who I can venture to say probably don’t have the certificate – and you will realise that when the cappuccino arrives at your table. I do not like an overly strong cappuccino.

So, if the coffee-maker puts in too much espresso there is a bitter after taste, which forces your hand when it comes to the sugar basin – and ends up too sweet. So, to offset that, I ask for an extra shot or two of milk on the side, which I can pour into the mixture to my desire.

I have also learnt to ask the waiter/waitress to not make it too strong – or if you do not want it too weak, I suppose you can request that too. However, not to be too difficult, I realise that many of the restaurants do their cappuccino only one way and can’t cater to everyone’s specific tastes. So you just have to live with it. Hence I ask for the extra milk.

Then sometimes there is too much foam and too little coffee. So it seems like you are drinking lots of hot air. The perfect cup for me is equal amounts of hot milky foam and coffee which goes right to the bottom of the cup and you can enjoy the last drop.

Give it some TLC

And please no cold coffee .. there should be just enough heat that doesn’t scald your lips or your tongue and lasts all the way through. Don’t upsize my cup as well – a medium cappuccino is good enough for me. And when I have especially enjoyed it; my day is made!

You will be surprised who dishes up the most exquisite milkylicious frothy cappuccinos. In my town it’s a barista, who does the perfect job at the convenience store at the filling station – I would even take visitors to my town there for a good cappuccino. What lovely coffee and very friendly service to boot.

And yes, baristas, please make us those cute creative emblems on top of our cups – it certainly adds a dash of colour as well! If you give me one of those crunchy complimentary biscuits on the side, I don’t mind – that means you're doing it with TLC – Tender Loving Care!

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