MyHomework - Iphone App for Students : Review

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A short review about the iphone app which was made specially for students Myhomework

MyHomework - Iphone App for Students : Review

Not every app on a college student's iPhone is a distraction from studying or paying attention in classes. Often-heard advice is to keep a schedule booklet and write everything down in it. The problem is that this can be a difficult habit to adopt on a regular basis for many students. These paper planners can get lost, it is time-consuming to flip through their pages, and there is often the problem of finding a pen to write down the assignment before it slips from memory. myHomework is a highly recommended app for students to keep track of every due date they have for each class. It is completely free to use as a stand-alone app, and users can sync it with their Facebook accounts for a fee of $1.99 for a one-year subscription. This option is not required to use the app itself for those who prefer to use it completely free of charge. The place to get started is the myHomework home screen with the calendar, homework, and classes icons in the top row. The Settings, About, and Sync icons are not a concern when using this free iPhone app for students.

New users can get started by tapping the classes icon, which takes them to the area for adding each class name, building, room number, days, and times. This step can be done by tapping either the + button in the top right corner or the Add Class tab at the bottom of any existing class list, though these two are a little redundant because they do exactly the same thing. The next step is to enter the needed information that will automatically create a class schedule with the built-in calendar. One feature that could be added is an option for an online class in addition to the traditional weekday schedule.

On the Add Class screen in myHomework, users can enter their information by tapping the Class Name section, which brings up the standard iPhone keyboard. The same applies to the sections for the building and room for each class. This feature can be especially handy for students attending college at a larger school with their classes in multiple buildings. It can be much more convenient than digging a paper schedule out of a backpack and flipping through it for the right building and room.

Once the class is added, the schedule can be selected by tapping the Add a Schedule tab. Another good point about myHomework is the use of small design touches such as the paper clip in the corner and the tear edge at the bottom of the Add a Schedule page. It gives the whole app a more authentic look. After adding all classes and schedules, student can return to the myHomework home screen and tap the Homework icon to add assignments. The Add Homework tab allows students to input assignments by class, type, and priority. Types are labeled Homework, Test, Study, Read, Paper, and Presentation. The use of types can be a very good way to set study schedules and get needed reading completed before the next lecture. Students can also set each entry to low, medium, or high priority. Setting reading and study tasks can be a great way to improve daily study habits. Each entry also has an Additional Info space to enter any needed notes or reminders on the day's reading. The priority feature can also sort tasks and only display those assigned high priority to show what should be completed first.

myHomework also has a reminder feature that can send students alerts when each due date is approaching, although this option is only available with a paid subscription to the app. Using the completely free version requires daily checking of the homework entries, though the highest priority ones are still listed at the top with the dates highlighted. Despite this extra step, using this app is quite effective for tracking and completing each assignment. The Add Homework page also has an easy delete option for each finished assignment, which can bring the satisfaction of crossing things off a to-do list. If rating this free app on a scale of 1-10, I would give it an 8.5.


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