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This is my personal review of MyLot based entirely upon my personal opinion.

Description Of MyLot

MyLot is a unique website, where you either start a "Discussion" or "Respond to a discussion" similar to a forum where you post in threads and reply to threads, but MyLot has a big twist.

The bigger your new discussion or reply is the more money you can potentially make from your post as MyLot bases it upon quality entirely.

If your post is low quality you will not get paid much.

To earn a good decent amount daily try to make each post at least a paragraph long and include useful information.

The minimum is $10. It can take a while to reach but is well worth it. Earnings are updated daily and payments are sent monthly.


I am quite happy using MyLot, although sometimes I do appear inactive for a 2 week gap sometimes, I do always return. I am only inactive when I am busy completing other things and do not have enough time for MyLot.

I post a few discussions each week and try to reply to as many discussions as I can in one day but also making each of my posts one paragraph long if I can.

By doing this, I can make a dollar or more per day. Most days I will make a few cents but if I really concentrate I can make around a dollar or just over a day.

Mylot is really active, with replies and discussions being posted EVERY SECOND.

It can take a few seconds around 2 seconds to load a page but it is worth it for the money I am making.

It has well over 2 million members and that number is rising every day!!!

Haven't Joined Mylot yet?

If you are interested in joining MyLot then please click here to join for free


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author avatar TMinut
6th Dec 2011 (#)

It's enjoyable and I've been a member for a very long time. But now you have to go through 15-20 ads to even sign on! That ruins it completely for me, besides, even then it never did let me on today. Too bad, it was fun for a while.

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author avatar Cathy
23rd Jul 2013 (#)

MyLot has recently changed and changed a lot. You can't earn money anymore and you get a very limited view of what's going on. I was never on MyLot for the money. I enjoyed the conversation when taking a break, etc. All you see is the most interesting discussions picked by MyLot employees and your friends, that's it. To me it's useless to go into it. I'm gone.

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author avatar Harrison
3rd Jan 2014 (#)

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