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We all think of advertising ourselves and our projects from time to time. I decided to step one step further and do it. Read all about the advertising-company that offers you a response-rate of zero in this review...

What is is one of the largest and most trusted GetPaidTo-sites out there. As any other GPT-site they have two kinds of costumers who both are dependent on each other.

Advertisers - Pay to get their content published

Readers/clickers - Get paid to click on the ads

The idea is simple and effective. Advertiser pays money to NeoBux and then the reader gets a part of this money when clicking one of the ads.

My expectations

Now, as you probably thought of already, this is probably the worst kind of traffic you can get. They just sit there waiting for the timer to run out so they can get paid and move on to next link.

I got a package consisting of 2 000 clicks here. The price was 17$ which is very little. When advertising on facebook they usually recommend you to pay between 0.50$ and 1$ per click if you want someone to even bother to show your ads.

The price is very fair for the product. Bad traffic should not cost much at all and it doesn't at NeoBux. Out of the 2 000 clicks I paid for I expected to get a response-rate around 1% or so.

The result

I decided to spend all my clicks on one single advertisment. A refferal-link to a site which offers it users to get paid to share pictures. Kind of like WikiNut but for photos. I thought this would be a great idea since the users of NeoBux probably are interested in this.

I launch the ad-campaign. I log on a few hours later. 2 000 views, not a single registration.

Out of 2 000 people who are willing to read ads for less than 1.2$ an hour, not a single one had interest in sharing their pictures and get paid for it. Interesting.

While I didn't expect any good response, I would have thaught that at least someone would be interested in this. So a question popped up in my head.

Is one of the most trusted GPT-sites a scam, or is the quality of the traffic really that bad?

Either way, I would absolutely NOT recommend anyone to use any advertising-service of this kind.


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author avatar Priyanka Bhowmick
10th Aug 2010 (#)

i don use Neobux... cant trust mostly scams.. thnx for the infos.. good article

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author avatar Amezades
1st Jan 2011 (#)

How stupid you are? You really think by posting your refferal link from neobux somenone willl actually copy and paste into web browser and sign up under your referal link? I will just type if i ever wanted to sign up with them

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author avatar Nenivraj
24th Aug 2010 (#)

I have no complaints about their GPT-program. However, advertising with them gives really bad results. Most likely the same at all sites of this type.

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author avatar Leonard
5th Apr 2012 (#)

Each website like Neobux seems to provide fake clicks without even members activity. Be careful: my 500 hits campaign on Neobux expired after 1 sec (!), my server did not cope with a bulk of visits at moment.

The admin of (free short & hide url service with clicks tracking)

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author avatar Anonymous
1st Feb 2013 (#)

If you did a little more research into WHO the majority of the clickers were. You would see that most of them are high school or college kids looking for their "get rich quick" plan. I view neobux, from an advertising standpoint, as a SEO (search engine optimization) traffic system rather than a customer traffic system. Neobux is good for if you want to get a better deal on flipping an ad site due to the amount of traffic generated.

If you want users on neobux to actually click your ads, you need to apply for longer ads so the users stay longer and are more likely to apply.

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