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Here are some of the reasons that you should not trust PTC websites.

The Warning

Imagine you’d been asked to research something for a project at school, college, university or work. Where would be the first place you would go? If you’re anything like most people, you would get home and type whatever you are supposed to be writing about into a search engine. A lot of the time, when you search for something, the first page that comes up on the list will be a Wikipedia page about whatever you’ve searched. This could be dangerous.


If you think about it, anyone in the whole world has the power to edit Wikipedia. Sure, the pages have to be verified by several people, but chances are, they’ll be doing this very quickly without actually spending all that much time making sure that the information on the page is correct.

There have been many cases of false information on Wikipedia, from celebrity deaths, false dates for film releases, and many other such rumours, many of which had been added by individuals just for their own entertainment.

That’s not to say that Wikipedia is useless for all information, not at all. But, certainly, don’t use it if the information you are seeking is vital to a task which you have been asked to do.

You have been warned.


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author avatar Anuradha
9th Jul 2010 (#)

This is new to me...I never knew this. Thnx for sharing.

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author avatar Synthaea
8th Aug 2010 (#)

Ominous. :O
I adore Wikipedia personally, I use it constantly and have never encountered any false information. But I'm sure there is some. Thanks for the warning ;D

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author avatar Denise O
31st Dec 2010 (#)

I use to come up with the questions, research teh questions and then host a on-line trivia game. 100+ questions and answers a week.
I have found wikipedia, as a some what starter point for my questions but, I would have to verify my answers else where.
I have found them to be more wrong than right.
Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar Rathnashikamani
17th Apr 2011 (#)

I used to think whatever published on Wikipedia was true.
This is an enlightening article.

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