Nexus 5 is the ultimate business phone for the year 2013

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Nexus 5 is the best phone out there for a pocket conscious Business User

Nexus 5 is the ultimate business phone for the year 2013

This is the time of the year when cyberspace is filled up with articles and blogs stating which product has taken the pole position in their categories. 2013 was a dream come true year for tech enthusiasts. We had seen some remarkable products been launched. From iPhones 5s, Note 3, Nokia 1520 to ios 7 to Xbox one, Playstation 4 to Samsung gear to Macbook Pro with 15 inch retina display, Canon EOS 70 D the list is endless. 1 for every type of gadget lovers.

This article is created solely for a particular type of gadget users, the Business Users ( BU ) who cant breathe properly if they miss a call or cant reply to a mail from client. They have got the new Macbook Pros, but what about smartphones, the one thing which is as much a part of our lives now as our limbs. The sole subject of this article is to find the perfect smart phone which completely satisfies a business user.

Lets first see what a BU needs most. They don't need a great camera in their phone or some eye tracking feature, but a phone with a great native mail app. Most BU also carry their work with them, some spreadsheets or presentations which needs to be updated as and when required. Some music apps and social networkings apps are also a requirement.

Now lets see what options we got in 2013, iPhone 5s, Samsung S4, Note 3, Nokia Lumia 1520, Blackberry Z30, Nexus 5 are some of the flagship devices of the most popular brands out there. Lets check out the positives and negatives of each of this devices.

iPhone 5s

iPhone 5s is undoubtedly the most popular smartphone at present. The sales figures from Apple clearly reflects that. Apple added some great features in its flagship version. With finger print security and 64 bit processor it is certainly the best of the lot. It also has the great iWork suite for all those works which needs to be done on the go. It has all the pre requisites to be the ultimate business class phone.
It lacks in only one very important aspect, which is the mail app. For reason unknown an ios user cannot directly send any document as an attachment in mail. There is a roundabout way of sending from the within the document app like Numbers or Quickoffice suite. Take for example a person gets a mail with a spreadsheet in attachment. He made some changes in the spreadsheet and he needs to reply back to the mail with the changed spreadsheet. The options he have is to either upload the spreadsheet in dropbox or any other cloud storage option and mail the link , which will work only if the corporate policy of the receiver allow access to cloud storage sites,incidentally which most companies don't allow for data security reasons. The other option is to copy the whole body of the mail and create a new mail from within the spreadsheet app and paste the contents from the old mail as a trail mail. The "To" and "cc" fields also needs to manually filled. For most BU all this work means a lot of extra time waste.

Samsung S4 and Note 3

Samsung is probably the second most popular smartphone brand. But both its flagship devices are clearly not meant for any BU. S4 has too many frills. The eye tracking and all the other enhancements along with the pre loaded apps by Samsung just clogs the ram, making slow and hang prone after a few months of usage.Spreadsheets or large presentations either take a whole lot of time to open or dont open at all in S4.
Note 3 doesnot have as mush frills as S4, it is also the best business phone launched in 2013. It has a great os and good processor. Its ram is also good enough for handling all the tasks required by any BU.Its stylus is just great for any person who would like to take notes on the go. It has just one drawback and that is its screen size.With 5.7 inch , it is just too big for one handed usage. Also it is too big to keep in the trouser pocket.

Nokia Lumia 1520

Nokia lumia 1520 is good for any user. But not the best for any BU. Its OS is good but the app store is just not good enough. It is specifically designed as a smart phone which suits the need of media friendly teens but not for a BU. Also with the overall features and price tag, its just not 'the' phone.

Blackberry Z30

A few years back most BU would swear by blackberry as the ultimate smartphone. But now with a outdated OS and an app store which just cant keep up with its competitors, along with backdated processors and low ram size, it is a completely no no for any BU.

Google Nexus 5

That leaves us with Nexus 5 which is in my opinion the best business phone among all the current crop of smartphones. It has a good processor and a snapdragon 800 chipset. It is a phone with good camera and a great price tag. With a 1080 p screen resolution it has a screen display which is way above average in its price range. It is also the only phone which gives the user a chance to experience Android's in its purest form. It will get Android updates faster than any other phones. Also it is currently the only phone which have Kitkat, the latest version of Android OS from Google. The native mail app is great,downloading attachment,reworking on them and sending them back is easy and hassle free. The screen size of Nexus 5 is 4.95 inch, which to me is the perfect size for single handed usage. The android app store is awesome,with a very large category of apps for every type of users. Quickoffice, google's native free Office suite is very much user friendly for editing and creating new documents.

So all in all in my view Nexus 5 is the best phone out there for a pocket conscious Business User.

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