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Are you wondering whether the Virtual Credit Cards creation tutorial offered by Oneminutevcc is legit or scam? Find out here in my personal review

What Is Oneminutevcc?

The first time I stumbled upon oneminutevcc was some two months back when I was looking for a site where I would get a free virtual credit card. On landing the site and reading through, I was able to learn that once I followed the procedures as they were listed, I would instantly create my own virtual card in just a few minutes, an idea which I thought would be worth to try. Having a real plastic card in addition to the virtual card was something I was after since as we may know, a virtual card is more secure than a plastic card especially if it has some good features.

How Does the oneminutevcc work

Sorry to say this but since its the fact and as I am writing a review about the same, I will tell you exactly what I discovered after I created my card. The card is just like any other virtual card where by it can be used to verify, pay, shop and do anything else any other card can do but online where you are required to use the numbers only.

How Do you get your free virtual credit card?

On the oneminutevcc website, everything is written where by after you make a purchase of the tutorial just like I did, one only need to follow the steps. I am not sure if publishing a copyright material is worth but as I know the site terms, I am not willing to take responsibility of being driven into courts just because I shared but still, I will share the few I know which aren't against the terms of use of the tutorial.

What happens is that you are not given a real card but rather, you are thought how you can create your own virtual card or cards on one site included on the eBook you download where by upon success, any one can be able to create as many cards as possible in just a few minutes for example I created my card in just one minute just like the site exaplained.

Is oneminutevcc real?

To me and basing on how I saw things, I must admit that the service offered is real. I downloaded an eBook with the tutorial, did as was recommended and I successfully created my virtual credit card which until now am still using and the best of all, I can freeze the card and unfreeze it when I need to which means security.


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