One Should Avoid These Online Dating Mistakes

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Online dating is gaining increasing popularity with each passing day as it helps people to engage in relationships, whether serious or casual in a convenient and effective manner.

Eight Online Dating Mistakes.

It also allows both parties to be entirely truthful about the level of commitment and expectations that they have for each other. However, with the ease of online dating website, it is very easy to stumble and make mistakes that can make the entire exercise futile and unsuccessful. So if you are thinking of entering the field of digital dating, then keep in mind the following mistakes people tend to make and do your best to avoid them to ensure the best dating experience.

1. Uploading misleading photographs: Your photograph must be recent and must not be older than six months. Do not be tempted to put photographs of when you might have looked drastically different than what you are now in terms of age, weight and looks. It is a good idea to upload different types of pictures, especially those that depict your true personality. Pictures of you involved in your favorite hobbies can be good conversation starters, so having them in your profile is a good idea.

2. Sharing intimate details of your life: While it is important to portray a real and interesting part of your personality, it is also important to do so in a manner that does not go overboard. If your description includes even the smallest detail of your life, then it might become very boring for your potential dates. So keep it short, simple and engaging so that they become interested in knowing more about your life and interests. Further, do not share personal details like contact number and address unless you are sure of the person and want to take the relationship further.

3. Exaggerating your hobbies and interests: Always try to paint a real picture of yourself while describing yourself on any dating website. Do not make up any achievements and talents that you do not possess as it can create unwanted awkwardness in the future. Remember that in relationship, honesty from the beginning is always a good policy.

4. Sending impersonal messages: A number of people are guilty of sending messages that are impersonal, it feels that they have just copied and pasted the same message to dozens of people at the same time. If you like someone and want to write to them, make sure that it is something unique and interesting. It is a good idea to highlight things that you like in that person and offer them compliments that are sincere and true without sounding over-the top.

5. Using bad grammar and spelling
Your messages can create the wrong impression in the mind of the reader if they are written with bad grammar and incorrect spellings. Check for spelling mistakes and write a sentence that are coherent and that makes sense. This will help you communicate and connect in a much effective and enhanced manner.

6. Keeping conversation one-sided: Just like a normal conversation, it is important to keep conversation balanced while interacting over dating website as well. While showing interest about the other person, it is important to answer their queries and questions as well. The goal should always be to maintain a balance in the conversation so that it does not seem one-sided at any point.

7. Asking for a date either too soon or too late: Requesting for a meeting after only two or three conversations is a bit too early and be seem very desperate. It is ideal to ask for a meeting after a week or two of beginning online conversations. In a similar manner do not wait for a month or two to ask for a date because that might lead to interest fizzling out. It is a good idea to begin with something casual say a coffee date.

8. Getting discouraged and giving up: Dating is a complex process and it takes time to find that special person. If you have set some time limit to finding your partner, it can become difficult and frustrating. It is a good idea to give the dating website at least one year for some good and fruitful results. And always remember that in the meantime, you will end up making some good friends at least.

Any other tip you have for online dating? Let us know in the comments below.


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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
20th Mar 2014 (#)

Interesting post!

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author avatar Randhir Bechoo
22nd Mar 2014 (#)

Interesting read.In the modern world where careers take away most of the time.Singles have less time to mingle so they try on-line dating.As you written above precautions must be taken.

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author avatar Delicia Powers
22nd Mar 2014 (#)

Very good advice and article!

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author avatar Retired
27th Mar 2014 (#)

I signed up once on a dating site and it turned out that the people on the site were fraudsters. Most often, they uploaded fake pictures.
Anyway thanks for the advice,

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