Originality. Does the Film Industry Know What It Means?

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Let's take a moment and think about the last time an original film was made for the big screen. A good movie. Let's say -- an action movie. When my mind scrambles for an action movie with some originality, it just continues to scramble. Where have all the good scripts gone? To sequels and prequels?

Come On! Where is the Originality in Movies?

Don't get me wrong, I love a good action movie. I love many different types of movies, but I chose to pick on the action ones this time. It's summertime which means the box office is full of action/adventure type movies.Those eye catchers that you must see as soon as they come out. You know, one of the Will Smith gonna break a box office record movies. Last year it was The Avengers that made a fortune and one in revenue. This is a great action movie even though we have seen some of the same characters in other movies, i.e. Iron Man and Thor. Regardless of seeing those two characters in action in another film, it didn't take away from the film as some would have thought...me included. But I'm quite sure there will be a sequel. Why can't we have an original thought from an original script just once? Why all the sequels?

I have yet to see some of the extended versions of some movies like, The Fast and the Furious. I lost count at number three. This was one of the best action movies I had ever seen when it was first introduced. I lost interest after seeing Part II. If you saw it, then you know what I mean. I only saw the third one because Paul Walker and Vinn Diesel from number one were in it. So, three is a charm, right? Noooo!! How many versions of the same movie do we need to see? Seriously, I refuse to watch anything pass Part III. It's like when Wes Craven got carried away with all the Freddy Kruger (Nightmare on Elm Street) movies. I lost count with that one, also.

There is also one storyline that keeps repeating itself over and over again. Tell me, how many versions of Spider-man, Batman, and Superman must we endure? After the marvelous Christopher Reeve (God rest) passed, I stopped watching any other versions of Superman. I must admit though, the latest version does seem watchable. Back on point.
When will movie production companies stop piggy backing on someone's original thought, and come up with their own thing? I don't know if there is much hope for this because some of them piggy back on their own work. A good example here would be Mr. George Lucas and The Star Wars legacy. Don't get me wrong, I thoroughly love Stars Wars. Although, I didn't like the renewals he did for the original first three; I really didn't see the point of it. I wondered if Mr. Lucas had a hard time coming up with another epic so he just re-did his own stuff. He did, however come up with making the last three movies of the epic before the first three. That's originality!

The lack of originality in films today is bland!! It's not just action movies, it's all of them. How many times can you tell a love story? Let's not forget the make overs. You know, the movies that someone decides weren't good enough 10-20 years ago, so they re-do them. For example, Total Recall. Why re-do that movie? How can Colin Ferrell's character compare to Arnold Schwarzenegger's? What's next, a re-make of Rambo with Brad Pitt as the lead? What about the re-make of Judge Dredd called, Dredd ? Was Sylvester Stallone not good enough in the original that a re-make was needed 17 years later?

I don't know why producers, directors, etc.think I should pay to see a movie I have already seen years before, and at a cheaper price? Where are the original scripts? No more re-makes or sequels! Quit re-doing what's already been done!! Stop adding on to a movie that is already burnt out!! How about a new hero no one has created? Or maybe just skip the hero movies, altogether. With the stuff that's being marketed today, I'm surprised that anyone even goes to the movies anymore.
They even re-did my movie, Evil Dead- - blasphemous.
That's just my opinion.


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author avatar Phyl Campbell
8th Jul 2013 (#)

They --actors, Hollywood-types, producers, etc -- are just like us. They do what works for as long as people pay to see it. And although I want to, desperately, I can't fault them for that. At the same time, it seems the same rich kids are getting away with crap while we plug and plug. Very frustrating, indeed. But a nice article and good treatment of the subject matter. Much success to you!

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author avatar Necola Tull
8th Jul 2013 (#)

Thank you ever so much. As much as I wonder about the methods of the film industry, I whole heartedly want to be a part of it. Someday my screenplay may be under scrutiny by somebody else. How ironic would that be?!

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author avatar Phyl Campbell
7th Aug 2013 (#)

About as ironic as the Alanis Morrisette song, which, as we all know, is not ironic at all. LOL! Good luck with your writing, and thanks for the follow!

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author avatar angelena
10th Aug 2013 (#)

yes im new on this sie i love acton movies ,how do yo get paid for reaviews on here please leave a mes if you like thank you

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author avatar Johnny Knox
24th Aug 2013 (#)

Quite an interesting article and you pose a very true question. Seems that Hollywood producers prefer to keep the mold and make all over again the same kind of movies as long as they bring back money.

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author avatar Necola Tull
26th Aug 2013 (#)

Thanks. You know, it's just as prevalent in the music industry. I believe an article on it would turn into a novella once I finish making my opinions known. :)

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