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Book review about Fabrice Flipo's article in L'Échappée Éditions: "mobile phone, gadget of massive destruction".

Souvenirs, souvenirs

Remember the nineties: did you get a microcomputer on your desk? A smartphone in your pocket? A GPS in your car? No.
Today, everybody is connected, save a few eccentrics. This evolution was striking, even the crisis did not slow it, and it is spreading at gigantic pace for everybody's joy and enthusiasm. Towns, offices, the entire world become clever! Yesterday heavy industry agonises whereas the e-economy flourishes. Heavy old books and boring newspapers disappear to the profit of digital editions. I can order my salad on Internet. Tablets will replace teachers, who are becoming obsolete. And this information tsunami is good for the planet as everything is dematerialized.


Fabrice Flipo reminds us that nothing is more material than IT. They contribute to at least 2% of the carbon emissions, as much as world aviation. They need a huge quantity of energy: in France as much as the production of SEVEN nuclear power plants.
"The IT have simply cancelled the energetic gains made on all other domestic supplies since fifteen years".
Not the least, IT need too a phenomenal production of gold, silver, copper, palladium, ruthenium, indium, cobalt, etc. Moreover they produce mountain ranges of waste: "the final product represents only 2% of the total mass of waste generated along the lifespan of the product".
But that's only a beginning. Screens are getting larger and larger and multiply, in railway stations, in subways, in post offices, and one in each room of particular houses. Obsolescence is better programmed (a computer is obsolete at four years). Production and data transfer increase exponentially. No limit is in sight.

Absence of collective awareness

And, if the consumer is not aware of the increasing and material impact of the IT, that's because there are only a few eccentrics who try to open the debate publicly. Thus industrials are concerned about the rising of such public awareness: "We are concerned that a consumers' reaction reaches all IT. Targeted measures to comfort consumers are in the interest of all IT professionals", said an official report.
Flipo observes that if critical thinking concentrates mainly on security or capitalist use of Internet, there are not so many people intending "to question the digitization of all exchanges happening in all sectors of life".

What about me?

Flipo is right on many points. But without my laptop, my Internet connexion, how could I be able to write on Wikinuts?

Courtesy of http://www.lechappee.org/le-telephone-portable-gadget-de-destruction-massive


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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
16th Nov 2014 (#)

Interesting post Lucie!

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author avatar Lucie Christine
16th Nov 2014 (#)

Thank you Fern

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
19th Jun 2015 (#)

Thought provoking article, thanks Lucie. Life should be lived through balance. Gadgets are necessary as also face-to-face communication and time for each other.

We should pause and ponder and not carried away by the glitter only - siva

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author avatar Tackyem
15th Sep 2016 (#)

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