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The reality is pictured by a few people in such a terse manner as The PK team has done. The fantasy which is more real than fantasy.

Well done Aamir Khan and Mr.Hirani

All of us watch many motion films belonging to different genres. These entertain us and often misguide us as there is always a didactic and one sided depiction. The fantasies which are made in west and America are too fantastic to believe. These are often with covert purposes as a propaganda tool to show the superiority of a certain nation or race. The American movies are always with propaganda tools to enhance some specific idea and ideology. In recent past we have watched a lot of American and western movies which present the Muslims as terrorist and fanatics. The movies just before the 9/11 were predicting the event in clear terms. It seems the American producers were aware of the demolition of the twin towers. But nothing such is there in this first class movie. It has everything that a viewer wants to be in an entertaining film. There is an alien who loses his remote control which is necessary for him to go back to his planet. He descends here in Rajasthan and does not know even the language of earth. He learns it and learns a lot about the people of earth.
The main theme of the movie is religious bigotry and false spiritual leaders. On the whole the movie enables us to understand the falsity of the religious managers as PK says. They do not allow us to find our goal the True God.
There is a criticism and satire on the people of earth. The ironical representation of false spiritual leaders who are running 'Ashrams’' sell their photos oil and charms and loot the frightened people in the name of God. The Tapaswi is the real portrait of such obnoxious people. They spread hatred and prejudice among the people just for maintaining their own monopoly and hegemony.


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Interesting post!

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