PS4, if you're smart, you won't waste your money.

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Buying the PS4 in the coming months could be the biggest money wasting mistake that you can ever make.

PS4, not on your life.

In a short while, the Playstation 4 will be coming out, and it's going to be a monumental move up the Playstation ladder according to some playstation owners and gamers. However, if you're smart, you will not buy the PS4 right away or at all, and personally I'm urging everyone to not buy the PS4 because for one, the price.

Now, as we well know that the economy has taken its toll on everyone the world over, so what sense does it make to create another game system that people will barely be able to afford, and the few people that'll be able to afford it will practically have to sign over the deed to their house like many did when the Playstation 3 hit the fan and we know the pandemonium that caused when they had to be recalled.

Another reason to steer clear is the forgotten bugs that'll automatically be in the system upon ship out date, and as we're also aware that the bugs'll cause all kinds of problems with the game system and will have to be recalled; remember the PS3(s)

The third and most important reason is the games, there's no word on what kind of games will be available. But, if it's going to be like the PS3 when it came out then it's not going to have hardly any games so you're advised to still stay away until that matter gets settled and you have an idea about what the games will be besides, why sign over your house to buy something extra that you have no idea will be worth it or not?

Finally, the PS3 still has a lot of good games coming out for it plus it's still relatively new so my advice, keep it and your PS2 because there's no reason to spend money on a new game system when you can just as easily buy games for the ones you have. I personally am going to keep my PS2 forever and ever because it's the greatest system I've ever owned and it's a sweet piece of reliable hardware plus I love the 63 games I have for it. I wouldn't trade them for nothing.

In closing, stay away from the PS4 because personally, it's getting ridiculous that there's a new game system coming out every year or every few years just in the name of money and trying to revolutionize the gaming industry, it would be more beneficial if the guys at Sony could just concentrate on making new upgrade-able hardware for the systems out now.


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author avatar Dan
23rd Sep 2013 (#)

I won't accept your request. Buying ps4 after the release is a total waste. But we can buy it after 1 to 2 years cuz the price of the games will be dropped with newer models with higher space capacity.

And if you don't like to buy ps3 or ps4 now means just shut up! Don't urge thr

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author avatar Dan
23rd Sep 2013 (#)

Don't urge them to not to buy.
Thats their wish. u don't have money to buy a ps4 so for that only u r focusing others not to buy. (No offence. Just telling truth)

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author avatar Marc
28th May 2014 (#)

LMFAO!!!! £350 on launch, cheap.
New console every year? Im sure ps3 lasted 7-10 years haha! this is the most un-educated rant i have read in months. Well done my friend you are a total moron.

As for upgradeable hardware? buy a PC. level playing field for all on consoles. The hardware is more than enough to render any game.

People, buy a PS4 if you like, don't listen to other's opinions on whether or not it will be good as clowns like this have no idea.

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author avatar Michael White
14th Aug 2014 (#)

Buying the PS4 is the best. But yes i do see the problem on where the PS4 don`t have alot of games to buy from any store. Some people may try to tell you to buy the Xbox 360 or the Xbox One, instead of buying the PS4 gamesystem.

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author avatar Sandra Bullock
14th Aug 2014 (#)

Buying the Xbox One is better than buying the PS4 Gamesystem. The PS4 Gamesystems needs to be recalled because of the gamesystem issues.

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author avatar PHANTOM
28th Sep 2016 (#)

Ps4 is not worth the money, the games take way to long to be released, the graphics are overated. Avoid a load of rubbish.

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author avatar PHANTOM
28th Sep 2016 (#)

Ps4 is not worth the money, graphics are overated, glitchy games, sony take way too long to come out with the decent titles. Overated console. Avoid.

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