Panchatantra Stories: Popular Tales to Teach Moral Values to Kids

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Panchatantra stories are one of the most ancient fables for children that help to teach moral lessons to them through stories portrayed by animal and human characters.

Panchatantra Stories: Popular Tales to Teach Moral Values to Kids

Story books are great means to hook children and help them understand various practical lessons in life. It is a great way kids learn to love reading while focusing on various things that are inspiring and help them to accept challenges in life. Whenever we talk about story books, the first thing that comes to our mind is short Panchatantra stories that are popular all over the country for generations. If you are from India, then you must be well aware of these great short stories that were written around 200 B.C. by a sage named Vishnu Sharma.

The original stories were written in Sanskrit and are one of the most influential contributions to Indian literature. According to some scholars, it is the oldest collection of fables and has over 200 versions and is translated in more than 50 languages. The term Panchatantra is a combination of two words: Pancha means five and tantra means system or parts. Short Panchatantra stories refer to the collection of special tales that are divided into five tantras of dealing with people in life. Each tantras start with a prime story that has other stories inside them and the character tells stories based on different contexts and situations.

The Five principles:
Mitra Bheda: This helps people to have a deep understanding of how good friends can be easily lost. It describes short stories how enemies or foes can create critical situations to create misunderstanding between friends that results in the loss of good friends. This helps the enemy to become more powerful and attain their cunning goals.
Mitra Samprapti: This gives us a clear insight on how lost friends can also be gained back and new contacts can be made. It teaches that people with similar interests can come together to attain common objectives even if the situations are difficult.
Kakolukiyam: This tantra teaches people how deceit or misunderstanding can be used to weaken the unity of the enemy.
Labdha Pranasa: This helps to understand how gains that were made earlier can easily be lost if appropriate care is not taken or the results are analyzed.
Aparikshita Karakam: It teaches about the results that you have to face for taking actions in haste without knowing the details of the situation or the truth.

The purpose of the short Panchatantra stories
The stories are based on the different branches of science popularly known as “Nitishastra”, which means wise conduct of life in Sanskrit. All the tales are woven round the tales of a king who called Pandit Vishnu Sharma to enrich the minds of his three sons with moral values. These tales that are based on both animals and human characters are liked by people of all ages and serve as the best guide to teach moral values in small children. Most of the stories show how the weak and powerless can survive by using their wits. The stories are very appealing and it is a wonderful book where animals and plants can speak. The book is written in simple language that everyone can understand and each story has a philosophical and moral theme in them.


Panchatantra Stories For Kids, Short Panchatantra Stories

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Oh, it seems that this book is very wonderful! I like the wisdom within it.

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