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I am a foodie, I love food. I would have to say my favorite food is beef.


I have been a red meat eater all of my life. My food choice" is beef, good Quebec beef. I know all of you Vegans out there will tell me that red meat is not healthy. It clogs the arteries and adds years to our lives - not to mention adding extra pounds to our middle section as well. But can't help myself, I just love it.

Rib steak

I could eat beef seven days a week and not tire of it. There is something about the heavy texture that fills me like no other food can. I love when the warm red meat touches my tongue. I love when the sweet salty taste of the blood from the meat mixed with the margarine in the pan tickle my taste buds. The heavenly juice descends my throat paving the way for the thick bulky meat to follow. The contrast is wonderful. It reminds me of the contrasts we face in life. I love the full feeling I get after I am satiated. It makes me feel secure, warm, and good inside.

My favourite beef is a good thick rib steak. I am a bone person, I love to gnaw on the bone and suck the marrow out of the interior. I could gnaw on the bone for hours, enjoying it and taking in the sweet flavour.

But I am not turned off by a steak done on the charcoal grill either, as long as it is not well done and tasting like shoe leather. My beef is to be savoured, enjoyed, and is very very juicy. The steak on the grill, when cooked to the explicit instructions of my palate, is like entering a new country and experiencing the wonderment that is there. I love the bold overpowering mesquite charcoal taste. It is both inviting and consuming just like the beauty of the country I visit.

I love beef made in several ways

There is no doubt that a thick juicy steak is my favourite food. But I also eat my beef in a variety of ways. I love a wonderful home cooked roast of beef; medium rare, again with just a little bit of blood still oozing.

A pot roast and a meatloaf smothered in tomato sauce, or a flavorful blend of a tangy spaghetti sauce, also remind me of home.

How I long for just one more of my grandmother's home cooked meals. Her meals were not fancy, but they were made with more love and care than any high paid chef from the famous Cordon Bleu School could possibly dream of preparing. Her meals were neither complicated nor boastful. They were simply made with love. My grandmother could take a little bit of nothing and make it into the best meal you ever tasted.

Unlike my grandmother, I am not the greatest cook in the world, but I am very fuzzy on the way I eat my beef. I prefer my own hamburgers to any restaurant version in the nation. I know how to cook them and I know what goes into them. I like 100 percent beef with no filler. My filler will be the ingredients I put on top of the burger such as tomatoes lettuce and cheese, but not found within the burger. Rarely have I eaten a juicy burger like I like it from a restaurant.

With the scare from E Coli and other diseases, restaurants today are leery of uncooked meat. I just wonder how steak tartar is now prepared or is that dish forever wiped out of our memories?

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author avatar Retired
9th Apr 2015 (#)

I have always loathed the stuff! Horrible taste, horrible texture - yeuch!

In my younger years I was quite convinced that people only ate meat because they were masochists - they couldn't really enjoy doing so, could they?

In recent years I have changed my view - incredible as it may seem, it really does appear to give pleasure to some, although why it should do so still escapes me!

Needless to say, Carol, you and I are on completely opposite sides on this one!

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author avatar WOGIAM
9th Apr 2015 (#)

Reading your article made me hungry lol, i enjoy beef but have reduced my intake in recent years.

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author avatar Kingwell
10th Apr 2015 (#)

I love beef too but I'm eating less than I once did. Blessings.

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