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The search for better headphones - how anything "better" couldn't compete, how they were just what I needed, and my extreme surprise when I gave them a go!

The Search Begins

My birthday was just a week or two away before I decided to make a list of things I wanted or needed, regardless of whether I'd buy them myself or if someone would buy them for me. I thought long and hard as I formed a short list that consisted of new sneakers, an iPod armband for the gym, and better headphones for the gym. The ones I had at the time were fantastic, but they wouldn't stay in my ear when I worked out.

My first instinct was to visit Google and see what it could tell me. Lots of expensive brands came up in the search. Wireless, Bluetooth, over-the-ear, cushiony headphones that had prices higher than my flat screen TV. $150? $250? $300? No. Not happening. I stopped searching until the day after my birthday, when my husband got an armband for my iPod as a birthday gift for me.

After I received the armband, my search continued.

A Soft Spot for Apple

Since I was quite young, I've had a tech-crush on Apple and the products they put out. When I was 13, my mother got an iPod Nano (an older generation, obviously) and I was quite in love with it. When I turned 17, my parents bought a 2nd Generation iPod Touch for my birthday. Those were the only two Apple products I received until this year, 2013 (I now have an iPad, a 4th Generation iPod Touch, and a MacBook Pro, courtesy of my school).

From the age of 13 until this day, I will see a new Apple product or flip through a magazine and see an article on one and instantaneously my attention is fixed and cannot be tugged or dragged to anything else, no matter how hard the other side is pulling. Like a child in a toy store, I become glued.

The EarPods

A few days after my birthday, my husband and I were at Wal-Mart. After dragging him to the Electronics section, I began looking for some sort of over-the-ear headphones automatically. All of the headphones I saw were nearly identical to the current headphones I had, which didn't help me.

My eyes scanned the shelves until the familiar and dear-to-my-heart Apple logo stopped me dead. I'd heard awful things about these new headphones that Apple issued to its newer products like the iPhone 5, the 5th Generation iPod Touch, the 7th Generation iPod Nano, etc. The design of these headphones was supposed to be a design unlike any other, but many people weren't happy with them. The Apple EarPods wound up in my hand and at the register to be purchased in barely any time at all.

Other Opinions

I'd read so many reviews on how bad the EarPods were, so I bought a second pair of headphones (that were not Apple-made) just in case I was disappointed.

And I honestly expected to be disappointed. I took the EarPods out of their pretty packaging, plugged them into my iPod, and hit Play. The song started, and the most beautiful sound came out of these Apple-white headphones. The quality of the sound was almost breath-taking. The sound quality far surpassed the sound quality of my other (fantastic) headphones.

But it wasn't the sound quality that other people couldn't deal with. It was the design of the individual EarPods. It is said that the EarPods' design was to fit and sit comfortably in every type of ear. So, I guess the people who wrote those reviews had odd ears or something, because the EarPods are comfortable. I could wear them for hours and I do wear them for hours. I wear them in almost every activity I'm engaged in. Especially really active ones, such as working out either at the gym or at home. In fact, I'm wearing them right now as I write this.


These EarPods are fantastic. They are the all-purpose headphones that I wasn't expecting to have any kind of purpose but hurting my ears and/or requiring me to stay still so they didn't fall out. All in all, I was beyond surprised. After the bad reviews I read, I fully expected to have to make another trip to Wal-Mart to return them, but I was an incredibly happy customer.

Apple works hard to bring these sorts of products and technologies to the public and should be applauded. I've been a strong fan of Apple since I knew what it was, and I won't intentionally keep away from something of theirs until I've tried it first ever again. Those reviews kept me hesitant since the EarPods launched. Apple did a fantastic job and exceeded my every expectation, as per the usual.


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author avatar Eliana Brooks
10th May 2013 (#)

I love these headphones myself. A standard pair of in ear headphones hurt my ears because of the way my ears are shaped. I was honestly disappointed when my 4S didn't come with them and proceeded to get a pair that same week. I've never had earphones so comfortable in my life.

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author avatar J.McGrath
10th May 2013 (#)

Neither have I. They are probably one of the best investments I've made. I don't see how so many people couldn't like them.

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author avatar David Reinstein,LCSW
11th May 2013 (#)

Great items! (They are on sale from a couple of Apple -linked sites for $1-0- 12 right now!)

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