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Do you ever think that why horror based games were designed for the people if they shock and scare people? Somehow they are same as the horror movies and novels that you saw in televisions or read in form of books. When we read them or saw them our pleasure and excitement suddenly turns in to fear. In them you will get several scary characters that scare you at any time. Same thing goes with the horror games in which you will get monstrous characters that scare at each challenge.

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These types of challenges in the game effect on the satisfaction points of the player and increase the excitement and thrill of the game. These features merge the player within its virtual world. These entire features attract the player and make them able to try something new in that level so that they can win the game. Now if you search online there you will get several horror movies in which you will get several different scary characters. But do you ever think that how these games frighten us? And even what things immerse player in to the game?

There are several research have been done in this games so that the searchers can find out what things immerse the player in the game? On internet you will get numerous games which are based on horror and most of the people feel exciting or get filled with thrill while playing these games. In a game you will get several thinks that makes you feel frighten are:
• Elements of the games
• Horror based sound
• Image which are designed in scary form
• Presence of fearing elements
When we play these games what things of these elements affect us how they affect as let’s know them:
Understanding points of views when you get engaged with games
When you get engaged in these games you can observe that it change your emotion with the game. When some situation comes in the game which was unpredicted one then it increases your fear towards the game which you are playing. In a research it came in to the light that the people who have low empathy play horror games more in compare to high empathy. The anxiety and the fearing point’s helps in increase the empathetic in an individual. In horror games there are several different stages comes which increase you frightening points whereas some increase your excitement towards the games.
Real looking images and the presence of the elements
When you fully get involved in a game you will get surprised when some of the surprising elements suddenly get appear in the game in front of you. It may not only surprise you but even develop more fear in you. The reason of this fear is the sudden appearance of the image or the elements and the real look of that image. These games were designed in such advance graphic which increases the real look of the images.
These things you can clearly observe you get involve in your horror games which you are chosen to play. Choose one which is filled with all best quality of things and increase your excitement towards the game.


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