Poshmark Takes Away Your Voice as A User of the App

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Got a problem with other users on Poshmark? Don't you dare share it with other poshmark users, it's against policy! Don't you dare try to warn others about someone else or you will be in violation of their guidelines and the action they will take against you varies.

Sharing Your Bad Poshmark Experience or Warning others is Not Allowed

I used to love Poshmark and the happy positive atmosphere but lately they have left a bad impression on me with their suppression of free speech within the app. I certainly don't condone or encourage rudeness, bad language, offending others, or anything of that nature but when it comes to truthfulness and dealing with issues, ignoring them or acting as though they don't exist in which their policies promote does not sit well with me.

If you get ripped off, guess what? Sharing your experience and allowing others to see who your problem was with is against the rules. If there is a buyer who loves to leave 1 star ratings for everyone regardless of truthfulness, you will be violating policy by discussing or sharing it. Allowing other users to know about the wrong doing of others is not allowed. If a seller doesn't ship your order and gives you attitude and rudeness about it, all you can do is suck it up and wait a couple of weeks for your refund.

Sweep all elephants under the rug and be a positive posh sport in order to participate in being a suggested user or party host. Act and pretend like you love everything about posh and you too can be a part of the select few favorites but if you dare speak up about any unfairness or bad experience, you can potentially be blocked from the app.

Sounds very cult-ish to me. I may continue to use the app as long as I find it useful to me but I used to have high hopes such as doing big business through the app and possibly making a living like a few others have but now I feel that going on my own may serve me better. My heart isn't into posh like it once was. What I did love about it and still appreciate is the fairness to both buyers and sellers. Sellers don't have to eat shipping costs if an item is returned like they do on ebay or through Paypal, and buyer's who want to return an item have to prove their issue by taking clear photos of the issue and proving it to poshmark within 3 days unlike ebay who has a buyer is always right policy.

While no app or business is perfect, if one is confident in the overall success of their company then why hide the problems and punish users who want to speak up? Why not have a forum or a place to resolve issues other than limiting user options to emailing customer service which takes days for a response or else be punished for speaking out? Usually religions and cults ban their members for having any opposing views but an app for fashion? Wow a new cult is on the rise!


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