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Are you looking for another paid-to-write revenue sharing site? Well, if you land on or receive an invitation for a site called, staying far away is our advice for you today.

PostAnyArticle (PAA) review and experiences belongs to a guy who uses the user name CrazyTexan on that site. He seems cool. He also owns FullofKnowledge and ExpertsPages.

However, might have intended to be cool too, but it simply has not been a pleasant experience for myself and another ex-member whom I saw was getting beaten down until he disappeared.

Here are our honest reviews as people who joined in good faith and with the best of intentions, only to find out we weren't wanted:

First, PAA ex-user number 1, myself:

From what I learned, PAA accepts previously published content, as long as you note it's previously published and name the sites in your profile where you post on elsewhere.

I posted some articles in September of 2013. Some time in October I received a small paypal payment. Neat. At least it seems they really pay.

I posted some more in December 2013. Here is where the trouble started.

Firstly, PAA now suddenly had "moderators". Only two, but it seemed only one is active. Her username is Patty Therre.

Within ten minutes of my articles posted, I find them all deleted. Yes, I did note they are previously posted, usually the first reason they state why they delete articles being that they find it posted elsewhere and through some illogical idiocy JUST ASSUME you stole it.

So I went into the trash folder (they use a simple Wordpress framework) and simply restored the articles.

I then find them all deleted again, but just before the last one was deleted, I did catch that Patty Therre left a comment on one that she put them through a plagiarism checker and it came out only 10 - 14 % original.

For a moment I assumed that because they are news articles, and have obviously been discussed on many news sites, that it didn't come out as original enough to this woman's liking.

However, I soon found it's not the case - I went back to check my other articles, non-news articles and these ones were 100 % original, written completely by myself in my own words, as some are products I reviewed myself.

They were deleted too.

So obviously this incompetent Patty Therre woman puts things in "plagiarism checkers", which then sees them published on my own site and all the other sites I posted the articles on, and then it tells her it's not original so she deletes them outright.

So, in my experience, whether an article is your own work or not, no matter what the site's rules say, Patty Therre deletes them if she gets her hands on it.

This of course means it's useless to post any more articles on, because even if your self-authored articles have been there for a month or two without any problems, not being against any of the rules, Patty Therre will delete your complete collection of hard work when she feels like it or it's that time of the month.

Now we get to PAA ex-member number 2. Please note I am keeping his use of language as is so as not to make him feel sensored, so skip it if you are sensitive to swearful words.

Here is his email:


PostNOarticlesandf*** is a f***ing piece of garbage! That site is f***ed up! Piece of absolute s**t. It's the most repressive oppressive dictatorship you'll ever throw yourself under.

I joined about three months ago and from time to time enjoyed posting ANY article, as they say. I also started getting engaged in conversation in the comment boxes with other posters.

In the beginning it seemed cool, but then I was bullied by some a**hole who seems somewhat of a moderator or something, going by the name of The Plunger.

He had a problem with EVERY comment I left. According to him, it wasn't "sensitive" enough or some bullshit. Personally it became obvious he's just out to hunt me and made it his mission to keep going until I'm deleted by the owner of the site.

I would make a joke with someone, and they would joke back, and then The Plunger chips in and chastises away at me for not commenting to his liking.

Yes, it's ridiculous - the person whose piece I'm commenting on would have no problem with our conversation, and then The Plunger sticks his snout in where it doesn't belong, deliberately interpreting everything I say to make me into some monster.

I left that site and forgot about it for months.

Then, after some time I remembered about it again and posted and commented as always.

However, now my posts were more social. Lots of people post social things on there, how their day was, what they're thinking etc., since they can post ANY article.

But guess again. Soon I would find comments on other threads some bitch who calls herself Patty Therre would make about my posts. She wouldn't do it to my face because she's a f***ing b***h.

She complained and complained and complained behind my back so to speak, and that's not all, she was complaining day and night and making threads about how horrible a burden has become. She was having chronic PMS. I wondered what the hell she was even doing on that site then. She should just f*** off.

One day I find one of my articles deleted without reason. Of course I was fuming mad because I didn't have a backup.

So, I made backups of all my posts. I could see this site can in no way be trusted with one's content. It has that cowardly invisible busybodies who push out whom they don't want there on "their" site which they have claimed should be as they like it.

Sure enough, the day after I made my backups of all my posts, gone is my account. No reason given. It's purely politics.

That's the problem with these sites; soon the people on there develop their own politics and you find a few cluster together who decide whom they don't like, and then they will keep complaining and finding fault and flagging posts until they get rid of other people they don't like. Then they want the site and all posts to conform to what THEY think it should be like.

Needless to say, this is one sh***y horrible site and if you're a free spirit, NEVER, EVER JOIN THAT SH***Y SITE! They will do their best to hurt you. The name is solely there to deceive. You can NOT post ANY article, not even one that is not against any of the site owner's rules.


It goes without saying that we did not receive payment for the last unpaid views on our articles, and won't now.

So, to put it mildly, PAA is a disappointment and I can in no way recommend it in good conscience. Sorry to the owner of PAA but I think I explained the why of my decision very clearly above.


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author avatar M G Singh
17th Dec 2013 (#)

Nice information. I joined and left the site. Its too much of a hassle. The editor there with no literical standing( I wont name him) is a idiot. How can the site survive with chaps like him

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author avatar Nathan
22nd Jun 2015 (#)

The site has been taken down! YAYYYYY!

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