Public outrcy prevents convicted wife murderer from performing in Montreal

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In April 2011, the public protested when a convicted of manslaughter was asked to preform in Montreal's Theatre du noveau monde.


Written in April 2011

Why would the theatrical director of Montreal's Theatre du nouveau monde be puzzled that there would be an uproar over hiring a French man convicted of manslaugther? What could Lorraine Pintal be thinking if she could not see how Montreal's women's groups would upset that Bertrand Cantat was asked to perform in the production of “Des Femmes “

He beat his wife to death

Contat was a celebrated singer from the “Noir Desire” French band. His wife was the equally celebrated French actress Marie Trintignant. He beat her to death in a fit of jealousy in Lithuania. He served four out of an eight year sentence.

Montreal's Wajdi Mouawad, the production director of “Des Femmes” invited Contat to play on stage. Is he for real? Des Femmes translates in English to “The Women” and a convicted wife murderer would be performing on stage? Apparently Wajdi Mouawad and Contat are friends, but seriously, what kind of a message are they giving to Montreal women, or women anywhere for that matter?

Montreal women's groups and politicians alike were outraged by this invitation. Even France officials were dead set against it.

Slap in the face for women all over the world

Lorraine Pintal did stop Cantat from performing, but not because of the flack that she was getting from the outraged public, apparently that did not fizz on her. She pulled the plug because the negative publicity would make it highly unlikely that as a convicted criminal, Cantat would be allowed into Canada in the first place.

Bertrand Cantat announced to the French public in his homeland that he withdrew from the offer to play in Montreal and he also withdrew from a French production of “Cycles de femmes” playing in France out of respect for Jean-Louis Trintingant, the father of his murdered wife.

What does Lorraine Pintal say about all of this? Her answer, "I have only regrets for all those who have been hurt or shocked," In other words she does not regret giving Mouawad carte blanche to choose the performers; since she previously stated it was based on artistic selection and not public feelings and concerns.

Though there are those who would argue that the man served his time, this particular man and this particular crime is a slap in the face for women in Montreal, in France, and our sisters living in every part of this planet.

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author avatar Retired
16th Aug 2015 (#)

At what point should an offender who has served his sentence be allowed to resume his legitimate career - whatever that might be?

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author avatar Carol Roach
16th Aug 2015 (#)

I agree with you but to be in a play about women when you killed one adds insult to injury

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author avatar Kingwell
16th Aug 2015 (#)

Good share Carol. Real food for thought. Blessings.

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