Putting Your Original Content to Maximum Use

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The original content was the focus of a post I recently wrote for another blog about their continuing importance to marketing your business online !

Putting Your Original Content to Maximum Use

The original content was the focus of a post I recently wrote for another blog about their continuing importance to marketing your business online ! Since this particular strategy will be a lot of work and not what we will discuss here today is the multiple uses that can come out of a single piece of content! If you are an affiliate marketer, blogger or engaged in any kind of online commerce , finding multiple uses for content gives you a huge advantage !

Here are 7 tips to get the multiple uses of the same piece of content you worked to increase efficiency and revenue !

Social Networks

Composing fragments of what has been published to help reinforce your brand and expand distribution channels post online! Recent changes in the Google algorithm have made clear that the use of social media and resulting bonds now carry more value in the eyes of the search engines !


Another application easy to use content " underutilized " is to put it into a slide show to view online ! It's no secret that most users are gravitating toward visual aids to seek and receive information of interest to them ! Not much work involved with this particular format , but there is a lot of traffic you may be missing out if you choose to ignore!


Another popular application for marketing your business is the use of computer graphics that once again addresses the growing popularity of online visual aids ! Also in this case is simply a matter of ' plug in ' any written material that has already been created to deliver their message in a whole new way to a whole new audience!

email Series

Building a list is a popular and recommended way to grow businesses online and using an autoresponder service email is part of this strategy! Auto - responders do not require much labor to install and / or use to be all you need to supply the material is relevant and interesting to read your subscribers ! Just take small portions of material previously created and you can easily create a series of messages that can be sent by email to the people on your list!

Combine and Sell

E-books are still a great demand always offer something of value ! Using this approach is very similar to creating a series of emails , so not a lot of work to do ! Now the choice is only yours if you decide to sell these eBooks or do freely to generate more traffic to your site !

Article, post or Both

Two very common and effective ways of posting everything online has made ​​is well post it on a blog or submit an article ! Although the items are a bit more structured than an update of the blogs that are " sources " for great ideas for a blog post ! Blog Posts on the other hand often lack depth and detail allowing more ideas that you can explore further and to base an article on as well!


The growing use of Internet video makes this particular strategy very difficult to ignore! Taking all that has been written and published elsewhere and simply deliver it in a video format not much work is needed ! Furthermore you can expect the results will astound you though it seems little effort involved to make your video presentation ! Simply using video that target a whole new audience and growing prefers visual aids as a form of information acquisition / processing !

Original content is something that feeds on the Internet has been proven once again after the latest rounds of algorithm changes ! Having said that exploring multiple uses for any information that has created a lot of sense in there being a lot of work invested in the process of creation itself! When marketing your business online , it is always wise to investigate all possible ways you can use the same piece of content! The suggestions above 7 are simply starting points for you to consider to get more out of your own writing efforts ! This does not mean however, that their choices are limited to only the suggestions offered here today! Simply tap your own imagination to discover additional possibilities for marketing your business to help increase efficiency and productivity!


Original Content, Relevant Content

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