Quotes From The Book, "Letters to Sam"

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Sharing some quotes from the book, letters to sam. It is a really inspiring book where people can get inspired. Therefore, I'm sharing them here with you guys. :)

Quotes From The Book, "Letters to Sam"

I’ve just finished reading the book, “Letters to Sam”. It’s a book written by a grandfather for his grandson, Sam. I love some of the quotes that I’ve read in it and they had inspired me about life. Therefore, I’m sharing them with you here. Hope you guys will like it too. :)

1. God infuses that child with all of the knowledge and wisdom he or she needs in life. Then God puts his finger to the child’s lips and says, “shh,” making at that moment a secret pact between the child and God.

2. “I think we’re born square and we die round.”

3. As the waters of life wash over us, we lose our sharp corners, and that can be god; we can take on surprising, satisfying new shapes. We can also lose some great wisdom that we were born with. But the evidence of that wisdom stays with us, right under our noses. So your job is simply this: trust your instincts, remember your secret pact, and reclaim the wisdom you have always had.

4. Sam, nobody is perfect. Each of us have imperfections that make us different from anyone else.

5. being different is not a problem. It’s just being different. But feeling different is a problem. When you feel different, the feeling can actually change the way you see the world.

6. Your different-ness and my different-ness are just facts. Sometimes what we do with our minds turns those facts into pain, and sometimes we can just treat them as facts, acknowledging them but not feeling them. But the more you feel your different-ness, the more lonely you will feel.

7. In some of the most important ways, you already are perfect.

8. Altruistic love means giving to another simply out of compassion. Not because you think you should. Not because you feel responsible for the other person, or because you wounder what someone else can do for you in the future, or because your charity will help reduce your taxable income. Altruistic love is simply for the sake of the other.

9. Giving to others is most precious when it is done quietly and selflessly.

10. Dependency carries with its resentments. That’s inevitable. If people believe they cannot survive without each other, a relationship can be more like a prison than a partnership.

11. Missing feels like a sad spot in my heart. It feels so much better than when I was angry with her, or worse, when I didn’t let myself feel anything about her, Missing means I love her.

12. Sometimes situations call for us to act strong and brave even when we don’t feel that way. But those are few and far between. More often, the payoff is better if you don’t pretend you feel strong when you feel weak or pretend that you are brave when you’re scared. I really believe the world might be a safer place if everyone who felt vulnerable wore flashers that said, “I have a problem and I’m doing the best I can.”

13. Research shows that doing a kindness for someone else boosts a person’s endorphins, the body’s natural antidepressants. Your difference will make people want to help you, to; and helping you will help them feel god. But I think our vulnerability can open hearts – our own and others’ – even more powerfully than that. An exchange based on genuine caring can affect people at the very deepest level.

14. Norma’s illness was a disease of her brain. But her soul was unimpaired.

15. I am not a quadriplegic. I have quadriplegic. You are not autistic. You have autism. Because of our labels, some people will be afraid to approach us. Others will be cautious about talking to us or trusting us. With my spinal cord injury and your autism, we look different and act different. But we can also teach people, as Norma taught me, that no matter what happens to our bodies or our minds, our souls remain whole.

16. When things don’t go your way you want them to, you rage and you cry. And then you move on. Will your frustration stay this intense for the rest of your life? It’s my wish that, as you grow, the process will go more quickly and you can find peace without so much suffering. Just remember that when you can’t find peace any other way, you might run into it when you hit the wall.

17. It is human nature to fight for personal justice. And I hope you are able to fight for yourself. But even more, I hope you can turn your anger into the energy to fight for justice for others. If you can, then maybe by the time you have a precious grandchild, he or she will grow up in a more compassionate world.

18. In evitable, all pain is about longing for yesterda – whatever we had before, whatever used to be. But when pain doesn’t go away fast enough, we criticize ourselves for not getting over it, for not being strong enough, or even for being vulnerable in the first place. Sam, that’s not how wounds heal. They don’t obey our wishes. Healing takes place in its own way and its own time.

19. We need to have faith that the pain will pass. After all, pain is an emotion and no emotion stays forever.

20. the moment you are wounded, the healing begins.

21. When you feel deeply hurt, you have everything you need in yourself to repair the damage. You want compassion, understanding, and nurturing in order to heal. But most of all, you need time.

22. When you are hurt, be close to people who love you and who can tolerate your pain without passing judgement or giving you advice. As time passes, you will long less for what you had yesterday and experience more of what you have today.

23. knowing was a lot less important than searching. “Confusion is like fertilizer,” he said. “It feels like crap when it happens, but nothing grows without it.”

24. When you are with someone for whom you have great affection and respect, ask how you can give and receive the greatest enjoyment. What you discover together is far more than you can learn by yourself. As you learn, you will find yourself attending your partner rather than pretending with her. And when you address her needs with care, love, and patience, you will find your feeling of devotion enhanced multifold. You will know the great happiness of altruistic love. This kind of love is so pure ta you can take great pleasure in our partner’s joy and feel great sadness in her suffering. Your most fervent wish is for her happiness. When you love your partner in this boundless way, you can make love when you look into her eyes, share a meal together, or ask about her day. You can even experience this adoration when you aren’t together. You can carry it with you always.

25. Because of our ego’s firm conviction that we are the center of the universe, we believe that everything that goes through the mind deserves our attention.

26. all because we just don’t have very good filters. Every time we have a thought, we act like a god when the doorbell rings. We jump up as though it’s some important visitor. But it almost never is.

27. The very moment you give up struggling with the water, if you’re going to float, you have to pull your faith in the water – just lie back and let it hold you up.

28. In Greek mythology, there are two gods who argue over man’s soul. The question is, which god will be in charge of it? Unable to settle the question, they decide to divide his soul in half and send each half to a different part of the universe. So, each human is doomed to spend eternity looking for the other half of his or her soul.

29. We wake up and fall back to sleep and wake up again. The things we discover don’t stay as vivid or as conscious as they were when we first came to them. But I have faith – whether it is conscious or not, whether it is felt or not – hat companionship is there. With that renewed faith, I felt lighter. I can float without kicking.

30. you will face great fear and great hope. The journey inside could be the most courageous journey of all.

31. solitude lets us learn more about who we are.

32. the older we get, the more change we face. All change involves loss, and whenever we lose something, we ache to have it back. Everything I have lost in my life – big things and little things – I’ve wanted back at first.

33. you have noting to protect you from your anxiety. That’s why transitions are hard, Those transitional objects give us the illusion of security. When they are gone, we are left with the insecurity that’s been there all along.

34. almost everything we become attached to we’ll eventually lose: our possessions, our loved ones, and even our youth and health. Yes, each loss is a blow. But it’s also opportunity.

35. When the heart weeps for what it’s lost, the soul rejoices for what it’s gained.

36.Each stage of growth involves loss. Without it, you can’t have the gain.

37. Just have faith that pain, like everything else, is transitional. Through it, you’ll learn about your ability to deal with adversity. You learn about how you manage stress. You will feel pride. On the other side of the pain, you will learn something about who you are.

38. Emotions are temporary, and we can wait for them to pass as though we were waiting for a bus. We can wait with frustration, anger, or feelings of victim-hood, but that won’t make the bus come any faster. We could wait with patience and relaxation, but that wouldn’t make the bus come faster either! Like all buses, it comes when it comes. We just have to have faith that it’s coming. Everything is temporary – good feelings, bad feelings, binkies, grief.

39. Often when we look for answers, we automatically go where the light is better. But sometimes we need to go where it’s dark.

40.Whether my perceptions of the world are right or wrong doesn’t really matter. Like all humans, what I’m looking for is a kind of internal security – a sense of a life well lived. I’m looking for intimacy, community, and love.

41. What are we really hungry for? Security and happiness, yes. But the kind of security we yearn for is a feeling of security that cannot be attained by acquisition. If we can buy big houses and powerful cars, we maybe able to achieve the illusion of security, but it is still just an illusion. If we can do well at school or work, we may get a sense of accomplishment, but there will always be something more to accomplish – happiness will always be around the next corner.

42. Real security only comes when we are comfrotable with who we are (and the feeling is enhanced when we are in a relationship where there is mutual love and understanding). Real happiness is a byproduct of a life well lived.

43. Find someone you love, and feel that love in every pore of your body. Love that person even more tomorrow. And then the next day, love one additional person; and every day after that, increase that number of people you love.

44. the longer list of people they love fully, the happier they will be. That, I said, is true success. That is an essential adult responsibility.

45. comparison rarely works in our favor. In fact, whenever we compare with ourselves to others, we usually wind up looking bad.

46. exposure causes shame, exposure can heal it too. And when that happens, it is a very freeing experience.

47. We showed mutual understanding and respect for each other, based on who we were, not just the parts we wanted others to see. Now that’s intimacy.

48. The hunger to be known exceeds the hunger to be loved.”

49. seek out someone who loves and accepts you for who you are. In the intimacy that exposure brings, there’s an amazing opportunity: chance of being loved for who you really are.

50. we have part of ourselves that we can’t deal with. But we can’t run away or separate ourselves from them. The shadows are part of us.

51. Our tigers are not monsters. They are just parts of ourselves that have long been ignored, seeking a voice. Welcome them, feed them, and listen to what they have to say. There is really not a whole lot to be afraid of. After all, everything you find in there is a part of yourself.

52. Death is not your enemy. Knowing your life has an endpoint will help you appreciate every moment you’re alive. Death helps you understand life’s precious gifts. We fight against death because each of us has an unbelievable drive or survival. That’s why death is so difficult – because we love life the way we do. But almost everyone reaches a point where they give up the fight.

53. when we stop fighting again death, we are able to wake up to our lives.

54. One way is to look at our problem through a wider lens.

That’s all the quotes that I like in the book. This book is really good. It reveals the love of a grandfather to his grandson. The way he teaches his grandson about life teaches you as well. I’ve never regret getting this book off the shelf in the bookstore.


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