Racing games are not for the adventure minded gamers.

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Racing games are a keen reason to catch up on sleep.

Racing games are a total snore, let me state the ways.

Racing games are the most boring, empty and counterproductive video games in the world. When I played Midnight Club for the first time, I was extremely bored not to mention that I dozed off on the game twice. Racing games have no goal, nothing to fight toward or nothing to be gained, and ultimately have no meaning whatsoever. I mean, yeah you can get and unlock new cars but so what, if you play other games like Jak 3 and complete the 2nd Gun Course, you'll get the Plasmite RPG (Red 3)-I love the hell out of this gun mod. Case in point, if you played Alundra, and solved all three puzzles in the Ice Manor then you're awarded the Ice Wand; these are noteworthy and important goals and they're worth it; not racing around a track 50 million times trying to unlock a car which you'll just drive around the same track the same amount of times. Possessing and playing both aforementioned games, I can tell you that those goals make me look forward to playing the games and it keeps me coming back to them. So, if you're a video gamer like me and you want some real action, stay away from Racing games because they suck and are ultimately boring. Invest your energy in games that'll challenge you not bore you.


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