Reasons to chose an Ipod Touch 4g over a Cell Phone

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This is a list of a few reasons to chose the Ipod touch 4G over a cell phone with a plan.

Reasons to chose the Ipod touch.

Now, one thing I've run into while growing up, is the problem with choosing a phone plan. One problem, is that I'd have to convince my dad about getting me a plan, and he blatantly refuses that so now I'm on my own. Now, the alternative to that would be for me to get a job, but of course, my dad says that I'm too young to get a job. My only alternative is to save up some money, and get an IPOD TOUCH 4G, or perhaps the 5G when it comes out.

So, now you're probably thinking: "Why get an Ipod? If you want a phone, get a phone." Well, my rebuff to that is the fact that even though the Android Market has its own long list of apps, the Ipod touch has more flexible apps, and it even has some that allow you to call mobile phones and landlines, text, and video call for free. With the android, you still pay monthly for calls and texts. So sad. :( Anyway, here's a list of reasons to chose an Ipod touch over a Phone and a plan.

(1) The apps: The apps are a really nice perk for the Ipod. You see, the apps for the Ipod are really nice. You can get a multi-purpose app for everyday use, or you could get what is possibly one of the most addicting games in the world. Beyond all that, the reason I say that the apps are best is because you can make calls, text, and also make video calls for free from it. There are also apps that let you get free WI-FI from anywhere.

(2) The Retina Display: While this does not necessarily have anything to do with a phone, it is so good that is deserves recognition. You see, the retina display is a beautiful display made up of genius LCD art. It has very beautifully displayed visuals. This display is by far the most amazing I have seen in my lifetime.

(3) The Price: The thing that's good about the price is that it can be cheaper than buying a cell phone of equal quality. You see, when you buy an unactivated phone, you end up paying $300-$600 for it. When you buy an Ipod you're paying under $300 for it.

(4) The dedicated mp3 system: The dedicated Mp3 system is good because, although other phones have similar software, the Ipod Touch has the real deal. You can be sure that the music you play is of the best quality, and you can even apply your own equalizer to it.

(5) Software updates: I don't know if Android has software updates, but Apple does, and their updates are boss. With software updates (which are, of course free) you can be on top of things, and knowing apple, things will only get better.

more info comming soon...


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author avatar arman123
14th Mar 2012 (#)

I also did the samething . I bought ipod 4g , rather buying a cellphone. I just love this gadget ..simply awesome. Btw did u bought 32 gb one???

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author avatar ChaosLight
14th Mar 2012 (#)

Yes. I've heard rumors about the Ipod slowing down with the more songs and apps you download so I got the dropbox app, but I don't even need it. It truly is amazing.

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author avatar Denise O
19th Aug 2012 (#)

Makes sense to me. Thank you for sharing.:)

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