Religious Tales for Children

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The process of teaching children good manners, originated from the mother or the father's habit of storytelling for children. more and more storytelling, not only enrich the knowledge of children, but also at the same time polishing his behavior.

Children are Very Happy to Hear Tales

Unfortunately, the myth that there is now, most do not touch religious values​​. Fairy tales such as deer only. From the first, parental labeling clever animals. Without sorting, ingenuity like what the deer.

Not infrequently, deer take advantage of others for pleasure or her safety. For the sake of his ego, his heart to deceive and create resentment from other animals.

Fortunately now, the Islamic tales began to squirm. Including animal tales, with a touch of religious values. So that every action pe behavior in a fairy tale, it is always controlled by religion.

As a book titled 'Awa Bored so Komodo' this. Told, how a child Awa dragons are not grateful for the body she had. When looking at a bird that's easy to fly and move around, he was jealous and wanted to also be a bird.

Berdi admired the bird Awa, sincerely want to teach him. Awa then told to make wings. Unfortunately, the wings are made of leaves Awa, only made fell heavily to the earth.

Awa Berdi then told to eat whole grains, as a condition of a bird. He was also ordered to climb a tree, to get in and out of the nest. Awa also think, though ultimately his own indignation.

Seeds are eaten Berdi Awa was bitter on the tongue. He can not chew, and spit prefer grains present in the esophagus.

From that lesson, Awa finally grateful to be dragons. He can eat meat and have a nice big house. Awa was finally clear his desire to be a bird.

There are at least four animal tales contained in this book. Awa story addition, there is also the story of Apoda, the birds of paradise are arrogant in his own brother.

Next the story of Pongo, the orangutan children who are afraid to climb. Thanks to the rigorous training that taught her mother, she was finally able to climb trees and swing from one tree to another.

Anno story is certainly no less Anoa child cried. Anno is dicueki other forest dwellers because they took some rmain, choose busy with yourself.

But his heart a jolt, when I heard the other Anoa Buba children cry out for help. His legs were caught and immediately released Anno. Not unexpectedly, Buba Anno repay by playing together.

This book is certainly not just a fairy tale. There are also related to animal science inserts are told. So the reader can imagine, the figure of a whole creature is alive with all the contributing factors.


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12th Apr 2012 (#)

Good to know about tales in other countries. Thank you.

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