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Pippa Middleton's valuable contribution to catering and throwing parties and celebrations, must never be undervalued. It really does liven up a party when you are all drunk and start talking about all the valuable tips! (The spin-offs that have gotten out of control anyway.)

Celebrate good times come-on!

Because of her connections to the British royals, publishers wrestled to be the one to get a book deal with Pippa Middleton. However, the biggest breakthrough that came of it is legendary twitter comedy.

Pippa Middleton is the sister of Kate Middleton who is married to Prince William, in case you missed any news about the who's who of some palace somewhere.

When Pippa made it known that she is planning a book about everything she had learned from her family's party supplies enterprize, Party Pieces, publishers jumped at the opportunity to sign a contract with her.

Michael Joseph, a division of Penguin, offered Pippa an advance quite high especially for somebody who isn't an established writer. There was also plans for two more books to follow after the first.

Pippa's family connection to the Royals may have been the appeal that got her the book deal, but it would also play a huge role in the failure of the venture. Since Buckingham Palace doesn't like publicity and are extremely sensitive about how they, and evidently anybody they are associated with like family of the Royals, are perceived, Pippa's book marketing efforts would also be strictly controlled. She had to decline requests for high profile interviews and television appearances, in case she might embarrass her sister.

Other than that, the book itself didn't improve the situation. Reviews screamed that Pippa's book entitled "Celebrate" is so poor, that the retail price was slashed by 75%.

Pippa's tips such as that cakes should be stored in air tight containers so as not to get moldy, or that bigger turkeys should be bought in order to feed larger families, started a comedy frenzy on Twitter.

Pippa's publishers decided that they would not like to be involved in any more of her books. Her literary agent David Godwin who helped her launch her book, dropped her.

Pippa defended her book, being labeled "too basic" by critics, by saying that simple and fussless is what she was aiming for.

Pippa also says jokingly her next book would be a sequel called "Bottoms Up". She now acknowleges that perhaps the tips in Celebrate was too blindingly obvious.

On a happy note, Pippa's Celebrate did turn into a celebration of laughs the world over, and isn't that what being a party planner/writer is all about; celebrating with laughs? I say, Baby, keep writing!

Here are some of the Twitter tweets from Pippa Middleton Tips. They're funny for a while. Some of the older ones are anyway. Later on you get tired of it. But, here are some good ones:

* When eating in public it's best to avoid spilling food on oneself or on others.

* Smoke can be sign of a new pope or that something is on fire.

* money can also be kept in porcelain pigs known as 'piggy banks' as well as 'bank' banks

* Snowmen aren't really men, but fun people-like sculptures made from snow

* cooking can be done in the kitchen, or other places with cooking equipment

* cook up something nice to eat on a Friday night with minimal fuss by ordering a takeaway

* Give a room that bright feeling by opening any blinds or curtains

* enjoy pancake day by cooking some pancakes with the right ingredients and eating them with your mouth

* Pancakes don't actually have pans in them

* Keep your home litter free by placing rubbish in bins or other waste receptacles like waste paper baskets or refuse bags

* if someone suggests place mats or coasters as a present for someone smile politely and keep looking for something nice

* Christmas cards make great gift substitutes for people you don’t like enough to buy presents for

* if you're feeling a bit glum just remember days start getting longer now. I think it's because the hours are shorter or something


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