Restaurant Language: Greek Specialties and Entrees

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I was wondering about restaurant language in the USA, and elsewhere. I just finished 95 articles and a lot had to do with restaurants. What I noticed is that what we call the main course here in Montreal, is often called an entré in the USA.

Greek cuisine

For us entrée is what comes before. This word is taken directly from the French entrer or come in, or come first,

An entrée for us is also called an appetizer, it is interchangeable, for example, a soup can be an entrée or a salad or a small sampling of escargot or even chicken wings. It means a sampler, and then you would have your main meal like a roast beef with baked potato and vegetables, etc.

Entrees and main dishes

Montreal is famous for French restaurants, which serve all kinds of entrées, but entrées are served in all of our restaurants. Matt and I have a favorite little Greek grill that we go to that is close to his work. It is called Le Grillade.

You can get a complete meal, filet mignon, rice and potatoes (main course) soup and salad (entrée) and cake and coffee (dessert) for 12.95.

The salads they serve are French, Caesar, and Greek, we always go for the Greek. I love the feta cheese and the black olives in it. The soups are always home made, from barley to cream of leak.

They often have baklava for dessert, and the main meals vary. It could be lamp chops, mousaka, steak, pork chops, grilled fish, chicken brochette, or you can take from the regular menu and order the Canadian favorites such as club sandwiches, hamburgers and French fries, fish and chips, pizza, lasagna, spaghetti and more.

Dolma and other Greek foods

Mousaka is a main dish and is often called the National Greek Dish of the Aegean Sea. It resembles shepherd's pie; it is made with ground lamb instead of beef, eggplant, mashed potatoes and a béchamel cream sauce. The first two times I tried it I didn't like it. I like it now. I find it is an acquired taste.

I love to order the side dishes such as dolma. Dolmas are stuffed vine leaves. Not only the Greeks but Middle Eastern people eat it as well. Matt is from Iraq so he eats this all the time. However,

I first ate it at a community function where an Egyptian man made it for a potluck dinner. Dolma is also known as sarma, or yaprak dolma. This entrée can be hot or cold and usually contains rice, a meat mixture, tomato, or zucchini or even mackerel, squid, or just about any stuffable grain.

Speaking of squid, I also love the Greek calamari as an entrée as well.

Matt likes the spanicopita, which is a spinach pie.

I mentioned baklava but I don't really like this dessert it is a bit too sweet for me. Baklava is a flaky pastry originally from the Turkish Ottoman Empire, and very popular in the Middle East and Greek. It has nuts and a very sweet syrup running through it. I am most familiar with the syrup being honey, but it can be something else.

I prefer tiramisu for a Greek dessert even though it is really Italian. It is made of savoiardi, a sponge cake made into ladyfingers, dipped in coffee and mascarpone cream, a special cream made with buttermilk, cheese and citric acid.

So what do you call the main meal at the restaurant where you live, and what is an entrée for you?

What is your favorite main course at a restaurant, what are your favorite entrées, or sampler portion?

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