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Parrot Zik 2.0 Headphones Review - Parrot Zik release of active noise-canceling headphones in the original two years ago, and at that time engineers have started working for the development of the next version, based on the info provided by the representative Parrot.

Parrot Zik latest 2 weighs about 20 percen lighter than the first model.

Say hello to Zik 2.0, which will come in six different colors when it was launched in stores in November at a price of $ 399 (no news about the UK and Australia, but it should not be long before we will get it). Again, Parrot worked with French designer Philippe Starck for the new model, and from the initial view that we have seen that this is a good upgrade. Parrot said the headphone has been redesigned from the ground up where the user severe feedback is our priority, and the difference of the fastest you will see is the weight.

Thanks to the migration of iron aluminum and some other design changes, our latest headphones around 17 percent lighter, down from 325 grams to 270 grams (including battery). This is a very significant improvement, because the original models or first, although offering excellent sound and good comfort, a little bit of weight. Now it feels significantly lighter, and I also think the headphone itself feels a little more comfortable (Parrot said earcup wider on the inside).

Quality finishing on headphones also have changed from soft-to-plastic, faux-leather material to the more luxurious. Overall, headphones look slimmer and make more than a fashion statement, especially if you go with one of the brighter color options. That said, the design will not appeal to everyone.

Headphones increasingly sophisticated high-tech!

When released, Zik is one of the most high-tech headphones on the market and remains so. Where these headphones have touch control on the right earpiece and companion applications.

With Zik 2.0, Parrot has been upgrading the internal technology with higher grade DAC (digital-to-analog), which is said to create a more clear sound, and the noice canceling feature was enhanced and new applications that allow you to adjust the music settings you with advanced EQ settings, but can adjust how much noise-canceling you want. You will also be able to download a custom EQ from various artists so that you can hear their music "With the way they were meant to be heard by you." (Parrot began offering this feature with the original Zik this year.)

You can fully perform customization sound profile (EQ) headphones by using your smartphone or tablet.

I play around with the settings in the app noise-canceling. By simply sliding your finger up and down on the screen of your smartphone (iOS and Android apps will be available at launch with the following Windows application), you can choose some settings NC, including features that can allow ambient sound to were really into the headphones and available also designed for air travel.

These headphones come with eight microphones. There is a bone-conduction sensor on the right earpiece to help take the low-frequency sound that is better for your phone calls, NFC technology tap-to-pair, and sensors on the right earpiece which detects when the headphones are not in your head and automatically stop the music when you put the headphones on your neck.

Adjustment for the level of noise-canceling feature can be adjusted and changed directly from the apps.

One thing that has not improved is the battery life. Where durability is still about 6 hours with Bluetooth and active noise-canceling (Bluetooth 3.0, by the way).

But on a longer flight, you can listen to headphones in wired mode or using a cable (cable included) with active noise-canceling and still be able to get up to 18 hours of battery life. If the battery runs out, you can also continue to use the headphones as wired headphones, although it will sound slightly delayed.

Competition of Beats Studio Wireless

Beats Studio Wireless is one of the premium Bluetooth headphones that are popular today. Where these headphones also has a noise-canceling, and quite light. These headphones are priced at $ 379.

I listened to Zik 2.0 briefly, but did not get a chance to put it through all sorts of serious testing. From the little time that I could test it, these headphones sound quite natural for Bluetooth headphones, which is one of the most important things we to us.

I hope to compare with the Beats Studio Wireless, which also sounds very good for Bluetooth headphones. With Zik 2.0 which will launch in the Apple and Brookstone stores in November, we hope to get a review sample at the end of October and will post our full review after using it for several weeks.

Thus the results of the Parrot Zik 2.0 Review


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