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The smaller budgeted films are often worth one's attention, simply because they rely on story to put the movie across rather than razzle-dazzle. Films don't have to be brand new, either, to be worth seeing. Watching a film that is ten, twenty or even fifty years old can be an educational, entertaining, and enriching experience.

A Quirky Romance

“A Slipping-Down Life” is a nice, little sleeper gem of a movie. Lili Taylor, who looks amazingly the same as she did nearly twenty years earlier in “Say Anything,” plays a woman who becomes enamored with a musician. The musician is played by Guy Pearce, who is always interesting to watch on screen - his actor’s choices are very much like Brando or Clift. Pearce could easily have a music career if he gave up on acting - he does his own guitar and vocal work!

The characters at first seem out of sync but then we realize they are simply just more believable than most we see on screen. In other words, the characters “act” like every day people. This is chiefly because the story is taken from an Anne Tyler novel, who has a way of making quirkiness a part of all her characters. This quirkiness, if you’ve read her novels (e.g., ‘The Accidental Tourist’), is a wonderful humanness that opens up the dialogue and ingratiates the reader.

Despite it’s ’R’ rating, this film has all the earmarks of a family film in it’s morality and heartwarming qualities. The adult themes, however, give it a Generation X appeal. These small movies seem to pop up between the big ones and are written off, but there is enormous satisfaction in viewing a film with a good story, sweet disposition and well thought out characters. As the summer blockbuster season begins and we are inundated with special effects-heavy movies with headache-inducing soundtracks, sometimes it’s nice to take a break and watch a movie that is just about ordinary people, not superheroes.


Guy Pearce, Lili Taylor

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