Review - "The Trouble with Angels" (1966) (Columbia Pictures) (PG)

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Hayley Mills has been acting all her life. Her films range from comedy to drama, but she is best known for her "family comedies" of the 1960's. Mills is almost an icon of the live action Disney-type genre and her films remain highly entertaining.


Hayley Mills, one of the 1960’s most underrated actresses, puts in a marvelous performance in, “The Troubles with Angels.” Anyone who liked Mills in “The Parent Trap” or “Pollyanna” won’t be disappointed here either. This yarn, about a couple of roustabouts in a nun-taught-and-run school, is in the fun tradition of nun films like, “Nuns on the Run” and Sister Act.”

The movie smartly focuses on shenanigans and developing relationships and shies away from conformity or piousness. Mills is a great reactor and listener (surely the quality of any good actor); her acting is seemingly effortless. It’s as if she really is the character’s she were playing - at the least she seems to be having a great deal of fun. Mills is actually still acting and, now a senior citizen, she still emits that spirit of thoroughly enjoying her profession.

The 1960’s comedies starring Mills always had an energy and earnestness that put one in a good mood. A Mills film was the definition of what good family entertainment could be. Check out “The Moon-Spinners” or “Summer Magic” for more happy-go-lucky Mills movies. Rosalind Russell also stars in “The Trouble with Angels” and she plays a very different role than her iconic performances in “His Girl Friday” and “Auntie Mame.” She makes a good foil for Mills. Russell puts in, of course, a solid performance doing most of her acting amazingly with only her eyes!

This is one predictable movie you’ll like just for the simple throwback fun of it all. Also look fast for one of the strangest cameos for this type of film yet - Gypsy Rose Lee as ‘Mrs. Phipps.’ Now if that isn’t creative casting, I don’t know what is!


Hayley Mills, Rosalind Russell

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