Review of Book of Poetry: Passionate Seasons of a Sunset Soul by David DeShawn

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Come with me on a poetic journey through the seasons of love.....from one Man's perspective.


O.K...honestly, I would like to say that I am so very into and inspired by deep, meaningful poetry. I would like to say that I can sit and spend hours reading, disecting, and attempting to understand deep, meaningful poetry....NOT!

I am an avid reader. I read the backs of the containers of soap, shampoo, and conditioner while I am in the bathroom...but...poetry?....nah, never been my thing.

BUT....and this is a good BUT.....

...BUT..Passionate Seasons of a Sunset Soul

This is a poetry book put together by my friend David DeShawn. My reason for purchasing the book to begin with with was I wanted to support his cause.
Then, when I received it in the mail I was totally taken by just the physical appearance of the book....the glossy pages, the pictures for each season, etc.
Then...I started reading...and I didn't stop until I had gone through all four seasons AND what is written on the back cover.
I sat and read an entire book of poetry in one sitting, then I went back through and re-read my favorites, of which I have many.

There are true love poems, poems that are a little erotic, poems of apology, poems of regret. The one thing that all of the poems have in common...they come from David's soul.
After reading this, you'll know the man and his mission...and his soul.

Winter: Who Else's Ding Dong Hon' Done Did???? (One guess what this one is about)

Spring: The Moments Thad Made Us

Summer: Bonita and Clyde

Autumn: Mi Familia of Feelings

It was worth it, and I'll await his next masterpiece!


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author avatar Tawana
26th Jul 2013 (#)

His works are a open book to his reality. His manipulation and abuse of women over the years. His alcohol abuse and physical abuse of women over the years. He is a womanizer and sex addict. An ex convict, conniving human being. His book is a narcissistic mirror of who he is in life. He uses and abuses woman for personal gain. He hates woman. A father of 5 children and takes care of none. This is the truth about David Deshawn Ramirez the author.

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author avatar David DeShawn
17th Aug 2013 (#)

Thanks for the love Tawana... I hope everyone who reads this knows how bitter you are... Were the big words in your comment kind of rough for you to type?

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