Review of 'Burnt Offerings,' 'Mississippi Burning,' and 'Dead of Winter'

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I have chosen three movies to review. "Mississippi Burning" is drama based on the racial issues in the old south in the 1960s. "Dead of Winter" and "Burnt Offerings" are horror films involving old creepy mansions.

Burnt Offerings

Burnt Offerings (1976) based on the 1973 novel by Robert Marasco won the Saturn award for best horror film of 1977.

If you love creepy old houses with strange things going on you will love this movie.

Main Cast

Marian Rolf - Karen Black; Ben Rolf - Oliver Reed; David Rolf - Lee Montgomery Elizabeth - Bette Davis

Owners of the Home

Arnold Allardyce - Burgess Meredith Roz Allardyce - Eileen Eckhart

My thoughts

I love the movie, I have always loved Karen Black. In this film she moves into the mansion with her husband and son and somehow becomes mesmerized by it. Even though her husband senses there is danger in this house, such as the swimming pool killing people and his son's brush with death, Karen, still loves the place and doesn't want to move. She is afraid for the welfare of the old lady who lives there, played by Bette Davis.

I am not going to tell you the outcome of the movie you have to see it for yourself, but if you like maniacal old houses like I do, you will love it.

Mississippi Burning

Mississippi Burning

Mississippi Burning (1988) a dramatization of the landmark 1964 case of two white civil rights activists and one black one. The three young men were known to be traveling through Jessup County and then suddenly disappeared.

Two FBI agents are sent in to investigate; but, the white town people claim they know nothing about it. Any black town folk that offers any information is severely punished and they too become tight lipped and too afraid to speak up.

I loved this movie, it was so raw and real, especially the FBI agent, Rupert Anderson, played by Gene Hackman. Hackman, is raw and real, in any movie that he plays.

In this movie he is paired up with Agent Alan Ward, played by William Dafoe, and the two clash horns. Hackman knows the people and knows the south and knows he has to shake them up to get anywhere with them. Dafoe thinks of him as a loaded pistol, and a determent to the investigation.

Finally, the case is cracked, after the deputy's wife, played by Francis McDormand, spills the beans about her husband's clan activities and what she knew about the disappearance of the young men. In turn, she gets a romantic thank you from Hackman and bad beating from her husband.

It was good to see that there was one white person who did not view the blacks as animals or non humans.

Dead of Winter

Dead of Winter (1987) is a thriller that will have you continuously on the edge of your seat.

Mary Steenburgen, is a young aspiring actress, who is hired to play the role of another actress in a creepy old mansion somewhere in upstate New York. As soon as she gets to the place she realizing something is just not right. The creepy butler, played by Roddy McDowell, is nice to her; but strange. The patron of the mansion, is a wheelchair bound, so called psychiatrist, played by Jan Rubes. There is something wrong with him as well; but, you can't really pinpoint what is wrong with him.

Mary is not told what she is to be doing and everything is very suspicious. She soon realizes that something is terribly wrong and she is afraid. She tries to escape in the dead of night, but is brought back and at that point she realizes her life is in danger. It is however too late, as the diabolical forces are at work.

My thoughts

I was very impressed with this movie, and I was like Mary, trying to figure out what the heck was going on. The plot unravels slowly explaining the pieces that were thrown in, like a tape sent to a mysterious woman, whom late,r we find out is the sister of the actress that Mary was replacing. I will not spoil the plot and tell all the secrets, you must see this amazing movie for yourself.

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