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This following three movies are completely different from each other. If you are looking for a good gangster movie, then I suggest "Carlitto's Way." If you are looking for a thriller then watch "The Paperboy." Finally, if you are looking for a good psychological movie based on someone with cancer, then do check out, "Dying Young."

Carlitto's Way

Carlitto's Way

Carlitto's Way ( 1993 ) a gangster movie extraordinaire. Al Pacino plays Carlitto, a Pueto Rican heroin drug deale,r who is released from jail and wants to make a new life for himself, by keeping his nose clean so to speak; yet still enjoying the status of being a fearless mobster. He is madly in love with Gail (Penelope Ann Miller) and wants to start a new life for them in the Bahamas after he has saved enough money from the profits of his club.

He gets all mixed up with loyalties and ends up an accomplice to the killings of two mafiosi which eventually brings him down.

My thoughts

I loved the chase through central station and seeing how Carlitto tries to get away from the Italians. Sean Penn did an excellent job as a creepy lawyer that gets power crazy in the end and psychotic to boot. I had to wonder why Carlito would even agree to go along with this crazy fool. Carlitto is portrayed all the way through as level headed knowing exactly what he wants; and then this.

The music was great and the performances outstanding. A must see movie.

The Paperboy

The Paperboy

The Paperboy (1994), is a strange story of a paperboy who takes friendliness to the extreme by adopting an unsuspecting mother and daughter
. At first the paperboy seems friendly and then the mother played by Alexandra Paul begins to suspect that there is something wrong with this boy, she does an investigation and when she does the sinister side of this boy comes out.

Main cast

Alexandra Paul - Melissa Thorpe Marc Marut - Johnny McFarley Brigid Tierney - Cammie Thorpe William Katt - Brian Frances Bay - Mrs. Rosemont

My thoughts

Even thought the film tries to show how this boy was neglected by his father and beaten by his mom when she was alive, you just can't get to like this kid. From the beginning, if you are like me, you feel that this boy is moving in on this family way too fast. He does not act normal in anyway shape or form. If I was supposed to like him in the beginning and feel sorry for him, it didn't work. I couldn't stand him.

The scene where he does what he does to the old lady who warns Melissa that this boy is evil is expertly done, I can't say what happened as it really would give away too much of the story but let me just tell you that you are deliberately led down a certain path and what you think has happened has not. In the end of the movie the same thing occur

Dying Young

Dying Young

Dying Young (1991) the story of a young woman who takes on the position of a caretaker for a wealthy cancer patient.

Genre Romance: Drama

Main Cast

Hillary O"Neal - Julia Roberts; Campbell Scott - Victor Geddes; David Selby - Richard Geddes

My Thoughts

Although this movie was hailed at not having a very realistic view of cancer by the critics it does have its good and bad points.

The tag line for this movie is "she gave him what others couldn't: a reason to live."

My thoughts

I think this is very important in terminal cases, my own sister having died from cancer held on because she has a reason to live. I know all that she had gone through and a reason to live makes all the difference in the world.

It is particularly important in this movie, I find, because this young man had lost all hope; his own father was not prepared to hire Hillary as she had no medical experience. He failed to see his son as a young man with fears and dreams and needs. He saw him more as a patient that needed medical help.

Hillary helped Victor to love life again, she helped him to fall in love and she helped him to feel the benefits and disadvantages of that love. I find that Hillary also grew as a person after having that experience with Victor.

The movie leaves the viewer with the message that good bad or otherwise, you cannot stop a cancer patient from living and still experiencing the good and bad of what comes our way in life. We are reminded that we must live our lives right up until our very last breath. Protecting us from love and life, though well intended, as demonstrated through the earlier decision of the father, only serves to kill us faster.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
16th Nov 2015 (#)

Good movies and reviews Carol!

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16th Nov 2015 (#)

Do you know these gangster squeezes usually go to bang other men when their scared gangster husbands are out hiding for their lives. Their coffee and sugarcane fields are hiding patches for drugs and other naturally grown stuff that bring crime money.

Now a man who is overly friendly and invites people home to stay, he has an agenda and that agenda usually includes pasing the buck for a crime that needs to be committed or is in connivance with an unsuspecting accomplice.
You know these whores who come in with hope usually have an agenda yo get themselves to be the inheritance of the wealth just so that they get rich in an instance. They wont mind spreading their legs to get it and most common of this type of people are maids, nannies and nurses who just know where the clean up is while doing the dirty job just to get the wealth.
Now the patient is always the idiot, he or she gets the hope to live until he dies and that is the eventuality of cancer as that is the devouring of cells to join the rogue side thereby debilitating health as such.
So effects of a smiling demon is such give life and then ebb it away indirectly just to get everything willed to them.
Now I am no NUT sitting on Wiki to fall into the trap, you are as you are always in need of a man, with a jailbird son and even showed you have side trade prostitution with a married for 16 years husband quite not suspecting his whoring wife running a business to the extent she needed an AIDS test to check her health status.
Now with regard to your residential status, the man you are diddling whilst running around needy for sex and HIV tests, houses your kids while you generate income selling candle wicks and tarts freely and openly to many and shout you have no money due to you suspected HIV, liver ailments and what not.

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