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Being one of the nicest mouse I have ever touched I have decided to share my experience of it!

The mouse

I got this for Christmas after weeks looking online for a mouse that was comfortable and had the features that I wanted, then I saw this and asked for it straight away. I am so pleased I made this choice, it has many features that i use all the time and if you’re a gamer this is the perfect mouse for you.

Yes!!!!! it changes size

It changes size so if other people want to use the computer you can change the size of it for them; it is not really something that is useful it just looks cool. It changes size with motors inside to fit your hand. No matter what size it is in for I find it comfortable, however for me it is most comfortable at max length. The amount you can change it by is only around 12 mm however you can feel it in your hand. You can either use the software and change the size from that or you can hold the mode button and then you can go forwards or backwards on the D-pad to change this size, helpful when you’re mid game and need to change position.

Scroll wheel

This is now common on all mousses but this is different. You can change how hard it is to scroll, whether it is weapons on a game, facebook, wikinut or a word document. It is so easy; it is just a flick switch on the bottom of the mouse. The scroll wheel on this also lights up red, now you don’t see that every day!


You would normally only find these on your play station controller or if you have a nice keyboard but this has one on the mouse. You’re thumb fits on naturally and if it doesn’t, then change the size and it soon will. It has up, down, left and right, these can all be programmed using the software to do certain things.

Thumb buttons

There are 3 one underneath then Dpad and 2 on the corner above the Dpad, the top two act more like forwards and backwards on the internet, and the bottom one does what you like, i use this one for games so i can push this to talk.

The program

A program comes with it, with this program you can re program the mouse to do what you want it to do. you can reprogram the buttons on the mouse to any key on the keyboard. You can up to 3 modes on it, each mode is a differnt set of user defined keys. You press te mode button on the mouse to change the mode, you can do that at any time. After you have programed the keys tot he buttons on the mouse you are away. For exaple I play team fortress 2 and the wepons are 1-4 on the keyboard so on my dpad up=1 right=2 down=3 left=4 and the button underneath the keypad is V as you push this for voice chat. For more information on programing see my YouTube video.


Overall the mouse seems to fit into anyhand and still be comfortable which is good, thumbs up from me. With the amount of extra buttons it really helps game play on most games, it does take some getting used to however after it does feel natural. One thing the click on the mouse is quite loud.


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nice review jonny. keep on writing...

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