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A hero or antihero, however remarkable he is, doesn’t make a good movie. Oblivion was about Tom Cruise and Iron Man 3 was about Robert Downey Jr.

Iron Man 3

I had never been a cinema aficionado to see the first day first show of a movie. One can see such people in large numbers in India, and many superstars have a regular fan following. I found the situation in the USA is no different. Yesterday, when Iron Man 3 was released in theatres in the USA there was tremendous excitement all over the country. Even my grandchildren aged from 14 to 7 were palpably excited and counted the hours and minutes to see the film. As expected, all the shows of the first day were sold out. At the IMAX theatres, there were long lines of people waiting to get into the hall early to get a vantage seat.

Watching all the hype about the movie, I did some homework about the movie. It opened earlier in Europe and did record business grossing $ 135 million in the first week. The media expected the film to break all records at the box office in the USA. I had also read a review of the movie in the Wall Street Journal which praised the movie sky high despite a few flaws.

Great expectations.

I thought I was in for a visual treat when I took my seat in the IMAX 3D theater. I had a glass of my favorite beverage in my hand and a dish of a popular food item before me. When several trailers or promotional films of films yet to be released were shown, I grew impatient and wanted the movie to start without any further delay.

The movie started and lasted for about two and half hours. Despite the glass in my hand and the tasty food, I found the movie nowhere near my expectations. At the risk of being called blasphemous by all cinema buffs especially of Hollywood films, I think the film was drivel, pure drivel.

The review.

Although I heard about thirty percent of the audience laughing at some jokes, I found no humor in the scenes or dialogues. The film was unnecessarily long with fight sequences one too many. Of course, like most of the Hollywood blockbusters, it had to involve kidnapping and killing of the POTUS. Of course, the hero comes just in time to save the president and his crew and win the admiration of the entire population of the USA.

Director's aim?
When I sat down to write the review of the film I was not sure what the director had aimed to achieve. Was it to show the super heroes are not all that super and have their weaker points? Was it to debunk the theory of a super hero? The good must triumph over the evil, but it is not necessary to stretch the film to two and half hours. I thought it was no different from the hero-centered movies of Bollywood.

The humor, if it could be called that, was understandable only to a select few who had followed the career of Robert Downey, Jr. Born to a father of a filmmaker, he dropped out of school and became a full time actor. His notorious acts of substance abuse, time spent in jails and fights with the inmates of two jails have earned him the moniker of a bad boy of Hollywood. He was known for not being especially humble, sarcastic humorous deliveriy and playing egotistical but likeable scoundrels. The humor of the hero was directly related to his checkered career in Hollywood.

Like all modern high budget films of today, this movie was also in 3D, and the effects were mind blogging. But the scenes of fights could have been enjoyable had they been not stretched for too long.

The enjoyable thing was the introduction of the kid, who plays to the sentiments of the audiences. Otherwise, it was a big relief when I saw THE END flashed on the screen.
A hero or antihero, however remarkable he is, doesn’t make a good movie. Oblivion was about Tom Cruise and Iron Man 3 was about Robert Downey Jr.

Here, I must add that my family of son-in-law, daughter and three grandchildren with whom I had seen this movie reviewed the movie as awesome, and my daughter has plans to watch the movie a second or third time if possible.

If I were to rate this movie, I’d give just one and half stars mainly for the fantastic 3D effects.


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Interesting. Thank you brother.

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Paulose garu,
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