Review of Labtec Mini Optical Glow Mouse: A Small Wired Mouse That Has a Short Life

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I’m not satisfied with the performance of Labtec mini optical glow mouse Labtec. Labtec mini optical glow mouse is too small and the cable quality is poor.

Review of Labtec Mini Optical Glow Mouse: A Small Wired Mouse That Has a Short Life

Labtec was founded in 1981 in USA and is a leading products provider for computing, communication and entertainment. They are best known for their budget range of peripherals such as keyboards, mice, microphones, speakers and webcams. The one I’m writing about is a wired mouse made by Labtec, given the full name, Labtec mini optical glow mouse.

Packaging and the mouse:

Labtec mini optical glow mouse comes in a book size transparent package. It contains a wired mouse and a quick start guide.

The mouse is black colour with a whole translucent panel and the size is about as big as 2/3 of standard mouse. It has a two-button design with a single scroll wheel in-between.


The quick start guide is easy to understand. However you don’t need to read it because the mouse is so easy to set up. It is a small wired optical mouse with a USB connector. You just need to put it into the USB port of your computer or laptop. It will work immediately if your operating system is Windows 2000, XP or windows Vista.
The whole translucent panel and the scroll wheel change slowly in 7 colours when the mouse is working. If you don’t like it you can turn it off. The cable is adaptable with a spool. You can pull the cable to your desired length; you can also roll the cable back into the spool when you don’t need the mouse.

Price and Availability:

In the UK you can buy Labtec mini optical glow mouse from many outlets including PC world, Comet, Currys, Amazon just to name a few. You will find prices vary considerably. As a guide the current price is £13.10 plus a delivery fee at Amazon UK.

My opinion:

On May 2009 I brought a Labtec mini optical glow mouse for £7.99 from with a free delivery. It looks the same as the picture you can see on Amazon website, but it’s a lot smaller than you can imagine from the picture.

As a mouse itself, the black body with a translucent panel made the mouse looked very modern. The size was small, so it’s very light. It always worked fast and accurately. However had tried this mouse for a week or two I found I didn’t like it.

I think my hands are smaller than most adults I have seen, but I still felt the mouse was too small. The distance between the two buttons made my fingers sticking in a very small space. It seemed my right hand was always in the air without any support. If I used it for a long time I felt very tired with my right hand.

If my uncomfortable feeling with the size was a minor problem, the cable connection quality was a big annoying issue. The cable was very thin. After a few times of rolling out and back there was something wrong with the line. The mouse did not respond on time and finally died after 6 months use.


When I used my Labtec mini optical glow mouse I was very careful. I think the reason for the short life was mainly due the poor quality of the cable. Considering it and my uncomfortable experience with the mouse size I would not recommend Labtec mini optical glow mouse to anybody.

My lesson from Labtec mini optical glow mouse is that before you buy a mouse, better to touch it first to see if it's suitable with your hands or not.

Finally I would like to introduce you Logitech M305 wireless mouse, my great replacement of Labtec mini optical glow mouse. For more details please visit my article: Logitech wireless Mouse M305 a great replacement for a dud.

Extra information:

Apart from mini optical glow mouse Labtec also produces Labtec® Wireless Laser Mouse 1600 for Notebooks, Labtec® Classic Optical Mouse, labtec® wireless optical mouse plus, Labtec® Wireless Laser Mouse 1600, just to name a few. For more Labtec mouse products please visit Labtec official website.

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Great info. That mouse would just cramp my hands up bit time. Nice read. Thank you for sharing.:)

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