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"Mazes and Monsters" is a movie based on a game that can play with people's minds and twist reality. "The Haunted Palace" is a wonderful horror movie but "Blood Feast" was not to my liking at all.

Mazes and Monsters

Mazes and Monsters

Mazes and Monsters (1982) is based on the novel written by Rona Jaffe. The story is about a group of college students who play a game that has become so much a part of their life that one character, Robbie Wheeling, played by Tom Hanks, becomes so engrossed in his role as Parvo, that he no longer can tell the difference from the game and reality.


Tom Hanks - Robbie Wheeling Chris Makepeace - Jay Jay Wendy Crewson - Kat Finch Kevin Hall - Korvil

My thoughts

It was great to see a young Tom Hanks, he played the role quite well. We see him descend into the abyss of taking on the character. At first we get the impression that he is being possessed by the character and finally we realized he is mentally unstable.

I would have liked to see the character's personality come out more in the movie. They are an offbeat bunch and I would have liked to see how their lives and personalities brought them to this point, especially Tom's Character that had a complete psychotic breakdown. The director just seems to skim through that for background; but, I would have liked more of a character development than was offered.

The novel came out at the time that when there was a lot of hype about the game dungeons and dragons and how this game is harmful for the young players.

In the movie even the players are concerned about Tom's behavior which adds a slight twist to the film. The movie does have some suspense as you wonder what Tom is doing.

I found the movie was the best only after the end when the whole story is revealed. It was then the message of the dangers of role playing games hits you full force.

The Haunted Palace

The Haunted Palace

The Haunted Palace (1963) the classic thriller and excellent adaptation of the "The Case of Charles Dexter Ward" by H.P. Lovecraft.

The case has both Vincent Price as Mr. Ward, Lon Chaney Jr, and Debra Paget. as the main actors.

My thoughts

I can't resist a Vincent Price classic, he is the master of horror
, and in this plot Vincent, a fine decent gentleman, who travels to a new place with his beautiful wife, because they inherit a mansion that is over a hundred years old. They are met with resistance as the towns people really don't want them there. Ward is persistent and moves into the mansion. The craziness begins when they see zombie like people with no eyes walking around aimlessly, and slowly Ward is being transformed into his warlock ancestor who was burned at the stake a hundred years before.

The movie is creepy and has you on the edge of your seat. I love the old classics, there is nothing like them. These filmmakers knew how to do horror movies and even though the cinematography can't match that of today, the new plots of today cannot match the old classics.

Blood Feast

Blood Feast (1963) horror film with bad acting all the way through.

My thoughts

I did not enjoy this movie and I am a horror buff. There was not much plot or special effects. The director seemed fixated on showing mutilated women covered in blood.

The plot centers around a psychopathic creepy caterer named Fuad Ramses (Mal Arnold) who is deranged. He believes he can raise the goddess Istar by killing and mutilating beautiful young women.

He is invited to cook an Egyptian feast for a young woman Egyptology student and is about to kill her in her own kitchen with a houseful of guests waiting in the other room. The mother comes into the kitchen and foils the plan.

How lame can a plot get. Though the whole concept of Egyptology could be quite fascinating this movie was just plain boring. There was no excitement whatsoever. We even see the killer from the very first scene. I saw it as a forerunner to the modern day slasher movies which I despise.

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author avatar Kingwell
16th Nov 2015 (#)

Good review but I must confess that I am not a fan of horror movies. Blessings.

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