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My notes on this interesting lecture about the father of geopathic research, Avicenna or Ibn Sina, who lived in 10th century and read/spoke multiple languages, preached about health, diet, and came up with "I think therefore I am" 400 years before Rene Decartes

Avicenna or Ibn Sina

My thoughts on this topic:

David goes over the Arabic words that Ibn Sin uses, I compare them with similar words in Hebrew and Persian:

קיים צורך
(עושים הצרכים)
Essence | MAHOOT (Heb) | MAHIYAT (Arabic?) | وجود (WOA SHOAD) (Arabic) it's not Persian that is the same word وجود. I think possible explanation is Mah + chiya "what lives" again that is Hebrew not Arabic or Persian. The geographic area from Kuwait to Haifa is occupied by Arabic and Persian speaking people today.

Google translates "Beingness" as הוויה pronounced Haviyah, very close to Haifa which is very close to Akko/capital of Akkadia which is probably where Abraham led his band of rebels out of Ur. This would explain the half Arabic half something else words. Abraham did not make a new language. He went to Canaan, in modern day Lebanon where Akkadian was spoken, yet we also know giants lived there. So Akkadian may have been the giants' or ancestors' language. Is it the oldest language? Is cuneiform older? Or is Akkadian spoken and cuneiform written?

unity | EHCHUD (Heb)
contingent | MOTNEH, TALOOEY (depends on) (Heb)
necessary existent is translated by google as KEEOOM ZTORECH (making needs) (Heb). Our existence is necessary when we have karma, we make needs by having attachments (Dzogchen, Bhuddah/dhammapada).

China | Sin
Jews and Muslims believe in unity/one God
Sin: Sin /ˈsiːn/ (Akkadian: Su'en, Sîn) or Nanna (Sumerian: DŠEŠ.KI,DNANNA) was the god of the moon in the Mesopotamian mythology of Akkad, Assyria and Babylonia. Sin/Syn Synthetic. Ties in with Sitchin’s book about Sumeria being result of genetic engineering (synthetic people—us).

מדע חומרים

Place | EHT (Heb.)
Era | EYDAN (Heb.)
Epoch | EYDAN Heb.)

Close to "Eden" not a place but a time.

materials science | MADAH CHOMREEM (Heb.) David mentions "MEEDAH" for the word "matter" close to Heb. "Madah" study of matter. In fact google translates "material" as مادة which is pronounced as "MEH DUH" (Arabic) almost same word. Thus english matter is probably from Arabic.

other words that Ibn Sin uses in his teachings:

context | HMEESGORET (also the surrounding, the frame) (Heb.)
quality | AYCHOOT (Heb.)
quantity | CAMEEYOOT (Heb.)
healthy | BAREE (Heb.)

The strange eyes in the drawings of Ibn Sin might mean he was Asian or could mean he was of ET blood---like Akhenaton who had strange eyes and elongated skull...son of the original Moon deity worshipped by the Sumerians, that implies to me not from around here...

Cogito ergo sum is a Latin philosophical proposition by René Descartes usually translated into English as "I think, therefore I am". . Judaism is even more basic, I am because I am, I do not have to lower myself into a brain to be. In Judaism, existence is a given, being is. In French philosophy, thinking (rational mind, brain) is required to “be” to exist. Who then does this thinking? What creates the brain, if brain is more than a tool? It is illogical!

Ergo cogito, because I think, therefore I must disagree with both Ibn Sin and Descartes in this regardless of which was “first.” Only the illusion, the Maya is the result of human thought. Nothing more. “We think therefore we dream”, is my slogan, perhaps. Je pense donc je rêve has a certain ring to it in French.

I can’t follow the advice not to sleep during the day or stay up at night because am and always have been nocturnal, for 57 years to the best of my recollection and I remember being a baby.

Organic wheat is not “weaponized.” GMO food is weaponized. Vaccines are weaponized. Water. Air. Some drones. But not organics as far as I know they cannot have added proteins in them which would make them uncertifiable as USDA Organic.

I agree that humans probably do best when they rise with dawn and sleep from sunset to dawn because of circadian rhythms, synching up with Earth. Maybe I am synching with a different orb, who knows. Cats, bats, rats, and yours truly are nocturnal. I think I read that there are some nocturnal mammals in Australia that live in trees...

Ibn Sin went to the Throne Saturn. Human fate has not been decided, we’re working on it.

It is 260 nm or 280 nm.

There are at least three published articles of late claiming Schuman Resonance is rising or has doubled.

Trifeld makes two different meters, get the blue one back on that online market

So Kravchenko wants Four thousand for his EMF meter, figures. Neocapitalism in Moscow. Irony of ironies. Too rich for my poor Yank blood.

The update on the Trifeld Natural EMF meter is the online market that sounds like a Brazilian rainforest had both that one and the regular one that detects man-made EMF. The latter is confusing because one can't figure out what is causing it. Presumably one needs it because one does not live off grid or in a cave.

The day I reviewed David's show and mentioned him on a certain website that is the same name as a place in Brazil with a rainforest, stopped carrying them at the old price of $175 and now has them again for $199 plus about five bucks shipping. It's still a bargain.

AlphaLabs has them for $195 not two hundred. I do not see AlphaLabs refusing to make them or raising the price. Probably they are now getting more orders and they can sell them cheaper without giving the other online retailer their cut.

I have been doing Schuman Resonance Frequency in one form or another for well over 20 years, I began with Sofleggio. It has not caused harm yet. Triad also uses pi, phi and Fibonacci in a balanced harmony. The goal is to completely relax.

Where does wikipedia say Akkadia was?

In an article edited yesterday wikipedia shows a map and some interesting pictures of Akkadian giants.

The giant Akkadian has a long beard and a horned hat, like a Viking hat. Did the giants go to Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Russia to get away from the likes of Abraham? Or did they go to North America? it appears that horned hatted giant is holding a bow, an arrow and a tomahawk.

In my opinion The Akkadian capital was Akko in North Haifa, where I lived as a teenager next to the Bahai Garden (which considers Akko a holy site) and attended Chugim Secondary School. Both Elijah and John were in this area as well. It is close to the first "node" which is a meeting of ley lines from all over the globe...there is an overlay you can get for Google Earth that shows you the first one is near that spot, in the Mediterranean. Perhaps it is a cosmic portal area. Lebanon's strange buildings with large stones no man can move is there as well..Baalbek edited today (how do they keep up with me?)

Ibn is son of in both Hebrew and Arabic, but in Hebrew it is HaBen, Arabic Ibn is a contraction of that.


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