Review of Season 2, Episode 14, "Saving Grace"

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Do angels communicate via personal synchronicities? I am collecting some evidence they do.

Synchronicities: The Language of Angels

I am watching an old TV show on Amazon livestream. This frame comes up.
Season 2, Episode 14 "Believe in Angels"
4.15.95=day my father died, passed
2X14=28 my day of birth

Show is called "Saving Grace" where I understand the character played by Holly Hunter to be anywoman, but Hunter and I were born the same year. Human on the cusp of 4d, 50.5% service to other and wondering if there "is" a God...we are all that, at some time or another. In moments when we question. The topic of this particular episode is the death penalty. What becomes of a good man, an average soul, when he is wrongfully accused, "processed" and jailed by the "system?" Does he downgrade to a sub-human? Does killing him serve any moral purpose? Does it serve justice? What if two crimes were committed, one unintentional and the other barbaric as well as intentional? Can we forgive the good man one bad morning? One bad decision?

Processing Catalyst

In 2008 & 2009, like the character in the episode, Leon (with two closeups of a lion's head just in case we did not get the symbolism). Lion of Judah? I was personally falsely accused. This was not the first time, it had happened as a child, and because I choose to be eccentric, it still happens, from time to time.

The lesson here, perhaps, is not about what happens or why, because we do not control life's lessons, we earn those. If we react with love, we pass. If we have other reactions we have what Ra might call "unprocessed catalyst" which requires more time, another cycle, more lessons, additional dramas to process, removing lumps, bumps, pre-conceptions and what-not.

By 2009, I stood up for myself without a lawyer, a boyfriend, a parent. I stood up for me. For what I believe in. A month after this episode first aired, I had my reward, my miracle, God smiling back, "you passed" this test. Onward. The character in the TV drama, not so much. He wanted to take the easy way out, avoid conflict, so he set out to prove, "I will be the monster they say I am, no conflict. I will be a worse monster than what they say I am. I will show them how monstrous men can be." That's what his fictional character did. He met the society's expectations. He did was what was expected by his other-selves, and did it with dignity.

We all come to this kind of crossroad in this life. Conform to the "norm" or honor God's purpose, have faith. I chose faith. The character on TV chose a death sentence. Are cancer cells the result of unrestrained anger? Do we kill ourselves with it? And what if the cancer is the anger of society toward a part of itself? At what crossroad, under what circumstance does society question its assumptions, what does it take?


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