Review of The Passion of Christ, Terms of Endearment, and A Time to Kill

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I have provided a brief summary of three movies I have watch. The first one the "Passion of Christ" I did not enjoy. However, I loved "Terms of Endearment" and "A Time to Kill."

The passion of Christ

The Passion of the Christ directed by Mel Gibson, and using Jim Caviezel, a virtual unknown in the role of Jesus was an okay DVD released in 2004 and based on the movie of the same name, however as far as I am concerned it was not worth all the hype that it generated.

I did not know any of the actors, I did not find the story that compelling. The Passion of the Christ based on the last 12 hours that Jesus lived on this earth, did not hold much in the line of plot, other than the lashing that lead to the crucifixion.

Although I felt discomfort and pain when I saw the lashing and the skin cut and imagined the pain and suffering that Jesus went through, I did not need to see this as the focal point of the movie, nor did I need to watch it for close to 30 minutes in a 127 minute movie.

The acting was good but rather bland. I am not sure if one would be able to make sense of the story without the biblical accounts to fall back on. The movie in my opinion did not stand out on its own.

Even with a biblical background there were just some scenes that did not make sense, such as a baby with a hideous monster type face.

Terms of Endearment

The 1983 movie Terms of Endearment was one of the best movies I have ever seen. The DVD runs for 2hrs:11minutes. The movie was directed by James L. Brooks.

This movie got Debra Winger a best actress award, and won 5 Oscars.

What I loved about the move was the range of emotion I felt while watching it. I could be laughing one minute and in the blink of an eye crying the next. Genre: Comedy/romance/drama

They did an excellent melange of the real and unreal to bring this movie to life.

The movie goes through an entire life time of Emma, the daughter, played by Debra Winger, and her relationship with her mother Aurora, played by Shirley MacLaine.

Emma is a young woman married to Flap Horton played by Jeff Daniels, she has a pretty strange relationship with her often fuss bucket mother. The mother is played by Shirley Maclaine in one of her best performances. Debra on the other hand is so down to earth you wonder if they are even related. The pretentious mother has not had a man in years and actually becomes closer to her daughter when she becomes romantically involved with a retired astronaut, Garrett Breedlove, played by Jack Nicholson. These two are about the oddest couple on the planet, with Aurora so prime and proper and Garrett a womanizing socially inept man.

One of my favorite scenes is between Emma and Aurora giggling like school girls upon the bed, when mom tells daughter how good Garrett was in bed.

The movie does come to a sad ending which I will not reveal, but suffice to say everyone must come to terms with this event and with their lives in general.

A Time to Kill

A Time to kill - released in 1996 Based on the novel by John Grisham Screenplay by Akiva Goldsman Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller

Nominated for 11 globe awards

Samuel L. Jackson won favorite supporting actor, 1997, Blockbuster, Entertainment award, won the image award category best supporting actor in a motion picture.

Is there ever a time when Killing is justified?
This movie examines just that. A poor black man Carl Lee Hailey, played by Samuel L. Jackson, is faced with the pain and anguish after his ten year old daughter is brutally raped by two white men. Out of blind rage and anger he kills two of the three white men involved.

Can the all white jury put aside their prejudice and see this little girl as a victim of a hideous crime and see the anguish the father is going through? Can they treat this case as if it was a white father and a white little girl? Lawyer Jack Tyler Brigance played by Mathew McConaughey and his assistant Ellen Roark played by Sandra Bullock is hired to find out.

This movie is a must see movie for anyone who is interested in the human condition.

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Interesting post!

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