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I'm biased; Western Sizzlin' is hands-down my favorite restaurant. But with several buffets, a salad bar, a taco bar, and a desert bar to choose from, not to mention a friendly staff and free drink refills -- who wouldn't be a fan? Well, I can name a few, but to each his or her own...


Western Sizzlin' is my favorite restaurant. Ordering is really simple. We walk up to the front counter, order three buffets and three adult-sized drinks (my son is 10, and still priced as a kid, but he doesn't want kiddie cups anymore -- WS accommodates). We get our drinks (mine is Dr. Pepper, of course), plates, silverware, and straws, all on a tray, then we seat ourselves. When we get to a table, it isn't long before a friendly face is checking our receipt, asking us if we want baked potatoes or Texas Toast, ketchup or A-1 sauce -- basically just making sure we have everything we could need for a pleasant dining experience.

Buffet Western Sizzlin' Style

Western Sizzlin' features a soup and salad bar, three mini bars (easily navigable) for hot entrees, a taco bar, and a lengthy dessert bar with ice cream. My husband usually loads up a salad with cucumbers and fresh croutons first. My son and I hit the hot entree bars. My son fills his plate with macaroni and cheese and chicken strips. Sometimes he'll add a hush puppy or two. I go for the crispy fried chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, and just a little bit of corn. If I'm looking for a little bit of variety, I can get shrimp and hush puppies, cornbread, meatloaf -- and just about any vegetable I could think of, but once I find a group of things I like, I tend to stick with them until I'm sick of them.
Western Sizzlin' often has deals on steaks -- which my husband and son both order when the deal is ongoing -- and there is plenty you can order from their menu. But I hate waiting for food, and the buffet always smells so good, so I don't see the need to pay more and wait for menu items. To each his or her own, I'm sure.

Special Features

Recently, my son turned 10, and I had a rowdy group of boys to Western' Sizzlin to eat dinner before I took them all home. We had been to a party place with tokens and all that Razzamatazz, but unless I wanted to pay party prices, I could not bring in a birthday cake. So I called ahead to Western Sizzlin' to make sure it was OK. I didn't identify myself as a frequent customer or anything, but the manager said "sure." When I got there, rowdy boys in tow (and just a little overwhelmed), two managers opened up a back party room and diverted two hostesses to take care of us -- NO EXTRA CHARGE. Now, this might have been for the benefit of the other guests. And it might have been because I'm a frequent diner. But I was not charged an extra gratuity for having over 8 people, like a lot of places do, and we were treated well. Our hostesses even joined in singing "Happy Birthday" to my son! They made sure we had extra plates for the cake I'd brought from home -- they were really helpful, and they certainly didn't have to be!

Comparison to Golden Corral

I've seen other critics compare Western Sizzlin' to Golden Corral, and this may be a case of to each his/her own. I don't care for GC. The buffet lines are long and confusing. It is hard to get into the right line to get what you want, and it's so crowded that I've missed things that should have been under my nose. I didn't think their potatoes were mashed well, I didn't like their chicken or their shrimp, and their bread products all had either garlic or honey added, neither of which I am a fan. A buffet can have rough times, is usually best right after opening or on slow nights, and some people like warm pie while other people don't. So, I've been to both places, am not a fan of GC, and love WS.

Cost -- enough food for the money?

I have to REALLY watch what I'm eating -- and STOP -- before I am too stuffed to move. And as I said in my earlier review of Fish City Grill in Rogers, AR, I am a picky person. And with all the food choices available on the buffet, you can dine like my son and me -- and have several helpings of a few things -- or you can dine like my husband -- a little bit of everything. Either way, to feed the three of us at Western Sizzlin costs the same (or less) than feeding the three of us value meals at a fast food joint, and the food is so much healthier and better for us! The average is about $10 per person, if you are ordering an add-on steak, figure $15 per person if there's no ongoing special.

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author avatar Delicia Powers
10th Jun 2013 (#)

sounds like a great family kind of place, just my style...thanks Phyl, I enjoyed reading this review...:0)

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author avatar Phyl Campbell
11th Jun 2013 (#)

Thanks, Delicia!

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author avatar Vernazoa
17th Jun 2013 (#)

I love Western Sizzlin is here where I live. I love it too.

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author avatar Western Sizzlin Springdale
20th May 2014 (#)

Thanks so much for the kind words. This describes our goals and beliefs. We enjoy our community.
The Springdale, AR and Russellville, AR locations are owned by the same people, so feel free to stop in there, too, if you are passing through.

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