Review of the Open Game in Chess

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Description and opinion on open game. It is one of the basic chess openings that everyone should learn for their next game.

Open Game

The open game of chess begins with the opening of 1. e4 e5. This is also known as the "Double King's Pawn Game" as this opening involves moving both pawns from both white and black. It is on of the more popular openings and is worthwhile studying in order to improve your game.


This opening immediately claims the vital center squares and can lead to an aggressive game. This opening also opens the squares to access the Queen and the Bishop and can lead to a further development on the opening. This opening was also commented favorably by such Grandmasters as Bobby Fisher. This development can also lead to a castle move which is another advantage to this opening.


There is a possibility that Black could build up a strong defense and close their position and leave your position too open and venerable to attack. Keep this in mind when developing your pieces.


This is a great opening to remember, especially for beginner players and those trying to remember openings. Keep this in mind when playing your next game and the best of luck to you against your next opponent!


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