Review. Hercules.

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The hero is suffered to be himself (Emerson, 1860).
As well as being a great adventure movie, "Hercules" movie show heroes from a little bit different perspective. The message is that you do't have to be a God to be a hero.

Review. Hercules. (2014)

I have noticed that for the last decade or two, filmmakers tend to mix some work of classics with the modern genre as fiction. "Hercules" adventure film is a good example of this tendency.

The story of ancient Greek mythological character, "Hercules" is the world widely known story so instead of replicating it in the movie, the producers played with it to create their own story. The heroes here are not born as heroes. Instead, they grow in heroes from ordinary men and women by hard work, a great amount of will through dramatic experiences.

A lot of work has been done to make sure that movie is easy to follow and dynamic enough to keep the attention of the viewer on the plot. There have been no a scene or comment that has been irrelevant or didn't serve a purpose. The film is a mix of genres, from adventure to action, drama and comedy. The fighting in the movies also varies with different characters performing different functions in it, which makes the fighting scenes more interesting to follow.

In the middle of the movie, I was assured that there will be a love story between the main character Hercules and Ergenia. However, it didn't happen. In my opinion, the plot didn't lose out from it. What I like about the plot is that the producers showed the strong attachment to the family on behalf of Hercules and Ergenia.

The images of positive characters worked well. A little bit crazy, at times unpredictable, moderately cheeky and even superstitious and childish. It made them look charming rather than feeble. The dramatic experiences of their life didn't let us the choice but to genuinely cherish them.

I did't find so much detail and entertainment involved regarding negative characters. It is a common in today's movies to present negative characters as more boring. They never strike us with any good qualities. They are predictable and are clearly evil. Therefore, the viewer don't feel much pressure when those happen to die. Personally I think that it would benefit the movie if the negative characters wouldn't be made so clearly negative, at least not all of them.

Effects of the movie are impressive with lots of work with graphics being involved. That is the kind of movies to watch on 3D. The plot has a twist just in the middle of the story. As the fist impression, the introduction of the film serves its purpose. It keeps our attention with both abundance of colours and effects as well as a drastic changes of styles, varying from the heroic to ironic mood. The first few minutes also introduce the moral message of the movie. It shows the contradiction between being a God and a human being and hints that we have the potential to create our own fate.

Overall, my rating is 8/10


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