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Zenonia 3 is a dynamic KRPG for the iDevices! Read on.


Hello! In this article I will be reviewing the iPod Touch (/iPhone, iPad) game Zenonia 3!

Welcome to my first game review! This one will be about the iPod/iPhone/iPad game Zenonia 3.

What is Zenonia 3?

Zenonia 3 is a dynamic action RPG made by GAMEVIL Inc., set in a fantasy world “Midgard”.
Your first choice is (ofcourse) choosing a class. There are four very interesting classes to be played.

1. The Sword Knight, a tenacious (defensive) class wielding a fine sword.
2. The Shadow Hunter, a ninja-like class wielding claws.
3. The Mechanic Launcher, a ranged sci-fi like class wielding a blast-gauntlet.
4. The Nature Shaman, a magic class wielding a staff (I’m not sure if they wield a staff)
After you have chosen your class (I picked Shadow Hunter), you start your story as Chael, the son of Regret.
Chael also has a fairy, Runa. She helps you through the whole story.

Improvement or not?

Now, the real thing is: “Is Z3 an improvement to Z1/2?”. Well, IMO as a reviewer, it is. The graphics have been perfected (That’s my opinion, but I like these retro graphics).

The sound is pretty good, and I think the story has improved a lot, too. Another pro of Zenonia 3 are the bossfights. They are intense, you need strategy for them, and I almost guarantee you a few bosses won’t be defeated at the first try.
Levelling in Zenonia 3.

One of the fun things in the Zenonia world is levelling. You gain a level, you distribute stat points given to you between some skills that improve your speed/strength/defense and more. Then you assign a skill point to a passive or an active skill. It’s easy, fun, and it keeps you motivated to gain levels.

Closing Comments + Rating

Zenonia 3 is overall a very fun game, and (I kept this secret for this moment) IT’S FREE TO DOWNLOAD!
Download it from the iTunes Store, for free!
I highly recommend to download it.
This review was brought to you by Xathier. Peace.


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