Romance Novel Review: Shifting Moonlight by Ahmari Das

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Shifting Moonlight by Ahmari Das is 3,000 words of summary warning readers away from the rest of the series.

A Quick, Yet Boring Read

Sasha is a short and sassy female alpha. JT is a serious and quiet alpha. Neither of them are eager to find and meet their mates, but when they attend an intercontinental pack meeting, it looks like neither of them have a choice.

I didn't think it was possible to get bored reading a 3,000 word story. But apparently it is.
Shifting Moonlight is a prequel, so I wasn't expecting a closed storyline, or a full love story. And I didn't get one. The story ended only minutes after Sasha and JT meet. However, that's not the problem.

The problem is the huge amount of backstory and summary in this story. It is probably at least 80% summary and 20% dialog and action. And dialog and action is always more effective and entertaining.

But the author couldn't resist describing everything, even unimportant characters like Sasha's brothers or mother. What's more, the action and dialog didn't live up to the descriptions.

Sasha is described as a confident female alpha in the making. She takes after her father with a short temper, and she can be sassy. But none of that is actually shown. Throughout the entire story, she's just a bundle of nerves at the possibility of meeting her
mate. There's no sign of a confident, sassy alpha.

JT is unfortunately just as little developed. He's a good looking guy with serious thoughts in his head. He might be slightly insecure because he thinks he's boring. But that's it. He has no character aside from that. And he only has one line of dialog in the story. If you replaced JT with a cardboard cutout of a shirtless guy with abs, nobody would notice or care.

There were also a lot of typos and grammatical errors in this story. Some are probably there because of lack of experience on the writer's part. This story has the mark of a beginner writer all over it, so I would not be surprised if some were missed because she did not know any better. But there were a lot of obvious typos that were clearly from a lack of willing to proofread.

Shifting Moonlight has a 5 star rating on Smashwords, but I give it a 1.5. You can find better shifter romances elsewhere


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