Roy Eugene Davis, as I know him and the Center For Spiritual Awareness as I understand it

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I first met Roy Eugene Davis years ago, went on the Center for Spiritual Awareness website soon after and finally got initiated into Kriya Yoga by him in March of 2004 in Costa Mesa, California. At that initiation he seemed to judge me at a conscious level and I realized that it was a test for me and my understanding. It was not the end, it was only the beginning:

Communion with a larger reality: How it genuinely works

Sure, this is partly a review of The Center for Spiritual Awareness website, but mostly an exposition of what I genuinely understand about reality. That communion can genuinely come through seemingly average experiences that have no connection to each other, such as a simple reading of website content, or a seemingly "normal" meeting that turns into something else entirely. Either way, everything is a "test" that makes you understand and evolve more, and live more in the present.

At the time of my Kriya initiation, I said to him that I was a "food server", otherwise known as a waiter. When in reality, I was ready to evolve, and use myself for greater purposes. They say that Aladdin's Genie came in a "dirty lamp without value". Well, this was the case with me. I did not mind the seeming judgement he had of me for "doing nothing". The thing is, the thing that "does everything", never looks like it does everything until you find out it does like Aladdin found the Genie in his story. It's a funny thing, but since then, I have evolved tremendously, but when you see "Aladdin's dirty lamp", who is going to know it?

So, before I go on, I will also say this about this article, most will read and not get it and say something like "hey, I was expecting a website and organization review" or "I was expecting more information about a part of the web not many people get to get to". Well, I'll put the link in if you were expecting that: "Center for Spiritual Awareness" Other than that, I was writing this article for those who are ready to grow. So, I will not get to elaborate or technical except for that link for you to see for yourself.

Everything can provide spiritual awareness, if you let it.

"It all starts with an open mind to the right things." That is the first lesson life and everything legitimately powerful in existence has to offer.

Sure, I could really mince words, and look amazing like every other "initiate" and then disappoint when I want to "start a cult" or "get you into some scheme". But, no, this is simply a review of a website, organization and praise of a friend, nothing else, and I give that link above, as a friend promoting another friend and his endeavors. As for wanting to "do something", I will have no part of it, I am just a humble fakir who quietly practices his spirituality.

So, that brings me to a point, as my fingers freeze for a moment over this library computer keyboard that I am writing this article from: For me, the godly spirit of things and the reality of informing people without expectation is most important. So, indeed, I will let those six spiritual masters in our lineage speak their volumes to you through their different organizations, and that means Jesus Christ, Bhagavan Krishna, Lahiri Mahasaya, Mahavatar Babaji, Sri Yuketeswar Giri, and Paramahansa Yogananda. Other than that, I quietly do not care about anyone's judgements of me, only about reality as it is on my path. Like I said, I'm just a quiet fakir, nothing else and I thank God for it all. I do not proselytize. I do not even want close friends unless they can enhance me and I can enhance them equally. All I want to do is unselfishly help where and when I can.


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