RunawayMouse: Newest Excitement in World of Online Gaming

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Runaway Mouse is an arcade game designed to thrill the young and the old. You can download this game freely from any site on the Internet. The excitement occurs because the mouse is not stopping for anything and is constantly moving.

Hot Action time for Internet Game Addicts Proclaim Top Gamers

About RunawayMouse developer
RunawayMouse developed by Jorgen Oxaal has all people young and old in a steam. Reason is that this game hinges on new concept, a mouse that will not stop running. It has everyone on their feet trying to keep up with best of players. Graphics are pleasing and clear. Accompanied by wonderful depiction of game principles, it shows rough and rugged routes, where you see impressive twists in the tale.
Though everyone is tripping over their feet trying to get their hands on this action, there is no hurry. Playing is all about exploiting your skill, finding those limits in Internet gaming never reached by another player. Everyone is trying to set a summit for others to climb. Nevertheless, one must develop skills as it comes only with time. Therefore, there is time for those who have not yet started yet.

Downloading the Game

RunawayMouse game is free and can be downloaded online from official website or from App Store. It is an arcade game and controls include swipe and tilt knobs. Size of file is 41.4MB and it is a first version version1.0. Language used is English. It resembles Temple Run in many aspects. Players see mouse jump over water and avoid stepping on stones while dashing ceaselessly towards his freedom. Yes, that is an absolute necessity; it can never stop its tireless run.

Rating and Comparisons to other Games

Though it is too early to give exact ratings, RunawayMouse compares favorably with games like Temple Run and Chasing Yello. It is definite to cause increased interest among online arcade game lovers. Downloads are just beginning and by end of today, one can tell for sure how many people are RunawayMousing beginning today.

Game Play Details

Mouse remains hidden adding to excitement of chase. Players have to keep movement for his or her mouse safe using their tilt controls and swipe navigation to help mouse negotiate to safety. It can thus bend to avoid overhangs and low tree branches or jump over potholes or stones on path. Hang on until the next bend before playing some new block or making a turn or jump.
One does not know who those mouse chasers are; one just ensures that mouse never stops. Additional controls and power ups add to thrill. On the road to freedom, you can also gain shield to help guard against chasing team. One also uses magnets in tricky situations. There are restrictions on their use that you will know about when you play the game. Every new turn shows a new obstacle or chaser, keeping players on tenterhooks.
Rockets add another stimulating aspect to this high – adrenaline RunawayMouse game. You will get cheese along power-ups when one crosses certain stage. Getting through the forest is galvanizing and one just gets going. This addictive game keeps players glued to their PC or iPhones endlessly. This means you play wherever you are, whether traveling or at home on the Internet.
Trying to negotiate safe passage through the thick of the forest is difficult but one can do it and this knowledge keeps one seeking for some better way. Every subsequent trial shows another path, easier than the first. This game simply hooks people when they first attempt it. Yet, addiction is one form of devotion and this gives top score in this section. People just cannot put them down.

Universal Appeal for All

Utter simplicity combines with elaborate intricate design constraints to give that appeal to RunawayMouse game. Everyone young and old like it for this reason, it is neither too old nor too young. It has enough difficulty to snare all who come across it. Cracking the code may take some time but eventually one will find the safe passage across, or not. Everything depends on the skill of the player.
This game has an overall completeness that leaves players satisfied. RunawayMouse seems to have overall roundness but one anticipates there will be developments and improvement to the present configuration as with all other games, or not. It feels great already. Gamers seek only complete involvement and they remain unbothered by comparisons to other Internet games, they keep the eyes focused on this game they are playing now.

Recommendations from the Reviewer

Yes, you get complete satisfaction from this intense and invigorating arcade game. RunawayMouse has all elements of unpredictable turns and twists and all colors are pleasant. It is arousing and stimulating and ranks among the best games that have appeared to date. You can safely rely on this game, to see you through in your leisurely hour or two.

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author avatar darkeraven
2nd Jun 2014 (#)

I swear the minute the Amazon app store gets this game I promise to review it... not having high hopes... maybe I can find gameplay footage on YouTube.

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author avatar darkeraven
2nd Jun 2014 (#)

...what a shock! I couldn't find ANYTHING on "Runaway Mouse" on YouTube... how shocking.

What was the purpose of thus... cough cough... Review again...?

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author avatar darkeraven
2nd Jun 2014 (#)

Ok I checked out the authors stuff and he does everything BUT review games so... I don't know why he brought this up... a game I can't find any info on let alone the game itself praising it rather awkwardly for seemingly no reason... am I missing something... I don't get it.

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author avatar Carol
2nd Jun 2014 (#)

Thanks for the info Snerfu, I enjoyed reading that.

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