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Sales are very popular among the customers who just wait for the announcement of sales on two occasions of a year. The shopkeepers wait for such sales and display their items with a certain percentage of discount. They also know how to increase their sales to the customers who ,in turn ,assemble at the shops to purchase their desired products.


Sales are seasonal sales generally held twice in a year, one held in the month of March And April and another in the month of August and September . The occasions are on the eve of celebration of Bengali new year and another on the eve of commencement of the festival days. The shoppers are also mentally prepared to go to the shops for shopping . Generally the shoppers of different cloth stores,shoe shops and the electronic goods announce their differential discounts for each item of the products so that the customers can purchase their favorite items of dresses,saris , other essential items of house hold goods like bed sheets , window curtain ,carpets etc.The customers are also very much pleased to purchase the various items at reduced prices. The shopkeepers also advertise their products for sale with discount in the daily newspapers to attract the customers The ladies gather in the shops in large numbers to collect their desired items at reduced prices. The shopkeepers feel happy to clear their stocks in the shops so that they can make store of new arrivals in their shops. The shopkeepers attract their customers with 50% reduction in sale prices of their items. The customers are also very happy with their items at half prices. The customers also take a chance to purchase the items more than what they require in the household. They also take a chance to bargain the prices of their items. Similarly the shopkeepers try to push sale their items to their known customers so that they can clear their residual stocks. .

Importance of sales.

Sales are very important from the point of view of shopkeepers and customers. The shopkeepers sell their products at reduced prices ,keeping a minimum profit , in order to clear their go downs so that they may keep their new stocks of latest design of the saris,dresses,and all other essential items of the household for sale to the Bengali New Year and the Durga Puja and other festivals . The customers also purchase the products for the daily use at the reduced prices., leaving the new items for the use of occasional days . New dresses are the part of life to enjoy the various festival days .The sales of banners are displayed in front of the shops to allure the unwilling customers so that they may peep into the shops to purchase one or two items of utility from the shops .There are some customers who have some reservation for purchasing the dresses and dress materials at a discount. They prefer shopping at a time when there is no season of sale. But it should not be concluded that the quality of goods sold at a discount are not good, rather the quality of such goods are far better than those sold in normal times. But majority of the house hold are just waiting for opportune moment to purchase the desired items.


Sales are part and parcel of the life of the shopkeepers and the customers .The shopkeepers remain busy with their sale in the sale season. They do not sell their products at the actual price.. The customers come forward to the shops for the and lucrative offers. It has become a craze for the middle class families and the poor families. They do not waste their time by not going to the shops with "Sale" banner. Sale is a business transaction of give and take policy of the customers and the shopkeepers. at the most reasonable prices.


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