Samsung Ch@t B3410w: An iPhone Alternative

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Samsung has had several releases of phones. From the ordinary call and SMS phone to the most advanced touch-screen smartphones.

Samsung SmartPhones

Smartphones revolutionized the telecommunications industry. These days, an array of smartphone options colors the market. Competing phone brands tend to level with the most recent release of its competitor. Phone companies innovate through recreating an altered version of the rival’s design and the UI features. Who and what would be the prototype, then? It is conceivable that Apple iPhone reigns supreme over all the 2010 released smartphones. Almost every gadget geek would want to get their hands on Apple’s newly ripened fruit but one thing that holds them back is the price. Alternatively, there are other brands which would suffice its complexity.

Samsung Corby Phones

Of the entire roster of phone manufacturers aligned in the market deck today, Samsung Electronics lusters among the class. Samsung Electronics is a Korean company which is also the world’s largest electronic firm. Samsung’s revenue bolted to $117.4 billion in 2009 making them hold the prestige. Under Samsung’s broad product line, the creation of smartphones is their dreadnought.

Samsung has had several releases of phones. From the ordinary call and SMS phone to the most advanced touch-screen smartphones. In 2009, the company released the Samsung B3410 which is included in the long line of Corby models. During the first quarter of 2010, Samsung amplified the B3410 and reengineered it to the new Samsung Corby B3410w Ch@t.

Samsung B3410 WiFi

The differences between the features of the 2009 model and that of the latest 2010 release are not much visible. The only amplification made is the addition of Wi-Fi module for wireless data transfer and internet connectivity as well as the newer version of Samsung patented TouchWiz UI.

The Samsung Ch@t B3410w houses in close to complete business phone features. It has a full keypad which is angled under its structure as a slide panel. The phone weighs about 114 grams making it have a lighter mobility. The phone has integrated touch sensors termed as the TouchWiz UI which only reacts to defined touches under a screen dimension of 2.6 angular measurement that is tolerably enough space for viewing either portrait or landscape viewing. Samsung Ch@t B3410W has compacted camera pixel at 2.0 for a higher resolution density, making photo and video rendering sharply defined.

Samsung Ch@t B3410w has a vista inspired sidebar where tools and widgets can easily be accessed. It is patterned with Windows’ drag-and-drop technology allowing only needed widgets to be displayed on the main screen. What defines it alike Linux is its three interchangeable desktops. These desktops or screen pages are simultaneously active and can be spawned at user’s preference. Applications like FaceBook and MySpace are prebuilt widgets which can be accessed under the main menu. This smartphone uses Dolfin 1.5, a web browser that supports Flash and advanced mobile HTML encoding. The browser also handles image and video downloading.

The Samsung Ch@t B3410w features so much more: Samsung software-based music player which recognizes common audio file types, video player which has the capability of rendering advance video translation, FM radio that permits direct radio broadcast and track recording using the prebuilt Samsung recorder, advanced SMS elements such as message threading, social networking widgets, and Wi-Fi Technology for wireless file coupling.

Why Samsung as an Alternative to iPhone?

You may be asking why the Samsung Ch@t B3410w is a better alternative from the more expensive ones. It could be because of the affordable value. The Samsung Ch@t B3410w costs around $200 to $250 dollars . A thing to make you settle your mind with regards to Samsung Ch@t B3410W quality, is that Samsung itself engineered the A8-based ARM Cortex processor of the Apple iPhone. Now then, does this fact make the Samsung Ch@t B3410w an iPhone alternative?

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author avatar Denise O
11th Dec 2010 (#)

One day I just might get a cell phone.
My daughter last night told me that, I am from the stones age, all because...
I have never, ever texted a darn thing. Oh well.
Nice write up.
I would like you to know, I am liking your style of writing.
Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar hieroglyph
11th Dec 2010 (#)

Thanks very much Denise for the positive comments...

I'd like to greet you a Merry Christmas in advance!!!

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author avatar Yvonnek
16th Dec 2010 (#)

love samsung

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